A friend is looking for a UX partner on a healthcare related startup idea in Bay Area CA, let me know if you are interested.

My company (Ooyala) is looking for a Sr. UX Designer @ Mountain View, CA, design areas: video analytics, video management platform, video playback experience, etc.  reporting to me, let me know if you are interested.  

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Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the Spring 2013 HCI/d alumni weekend!

Event link: https://plus.google.com/events/c8ie0qpu2o636pt2qppk5eh0fck

If you can make a last minute trip or stop by for tomorrow morning's events, please do! We begin at 10:30 with an alumni panel and will have food provided.

If you CAN'T make it, watch this space for a G+ hangout beginning at 10:30am EST for the alumni panel. The panel is a great way to talk about what you are up to and share your wisdom with current students and others at the event. 

Please spread the word regarding the above information, and direct questions to me should you have any.


Anyone here uses Evernote, efficiently?

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My company is hiring UX Designers (level is flexible as for now), the official req hasn't come out yet, but a heads up for whoever is interested in job opportunities.  Company Name - Ooyala; Location - Mountain View, CA.  Please contact me directly: zhaoyujia930@gmail.com

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I'm sure people must be aware of this resource already, but it's worth sharing again. The resource is a collection of service design tools that industry people use or try to use. Although these methods are advocated and often practiced by leading consultancies, most people in industry are still alien to these as most of these methods take lot of time which is a rare commodity in industry. But these add significant value, so it gives a lot of advantage to young designers to have practiced some of these.


not sure how the communities thing works yet, so for now I just made everyone moderators until I can figure out how to just share actions with members

Communities on Google+ could be interesting, but I suspect the facebook group will probably be more useful. 

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Jeff Sauro is one of the best guys out there specializing in the domain of quantifying user experience. I know that sounds weird, but he started with quantifying usability which sounds more digestible. Anyways, his work is mostly relevant to researchers for analyzing results from studies.

This post is a list of 8 concepts for quantifying user experience. The best one is 'Percentage increases are different than percentage point increases'. To report increase in conversion you use percentage increase while talking about taxes you use percentage points :)

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