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There is a community I was told to share, so I am. I've been a part of this community for a long time and I recommend it for anyone who likes roleplaying and DBZ (and our old community got deleted so this is our new one)

Name: Majin android 33

age: 5 (body age is 27 but my real age is 5)

gender: male

height: 5' 3"

weight: 130 lbs

race: majin bio-android 

likes: protecting those close and a part of me, and the majins

dislikes: mindless destroying, enemies of the majin race, and anyone trying to control the majin race.

powers: able to take power, basic ki, and advanced ki

weapons: a sword I stole off some guy with purple hair.

relationship status: single

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Name: MCkaiè
Height: 5;10
Weight:120 lbs
Race: sayain/majin/baby
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Name: buuhan

Age: 790

Gender: male

Height: unknown

Weight: unknown

Race: Majin

Likes: other Majins, food, people who doesn't get in my way.

Dislikes: Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo

Relationship status single
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Name: Deadpool
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Species: Human Mutate
Powers: Healing factor, teleportation, enhanced speed power agility and reflexes, expert gunman, martial artist master
Weapons: Too many to list
Relationship Status: Married

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GF: None

Brothers: +Majin Buu 魔人ブウ +Majin Cell 

Sister s +Miss Majin Buu 

Just ask!! 

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Name: chef kawasaki
Age: around mid 30's
Species: unknown
Gender: male
Powers: cooking
Weapons: kitchen supplies
Bio: always wanted to be a great chef like his teacher, chef shataki. Sadly, his food is awful! But he doesn't give up! He uses his pan that his teacher gave him when shataki hit kawasaki's head with it (you don't wanna know why). But he is getting better!
Personality: clumsy, silly, fun to be around, joyfull.
Likes: cooking, making people like his food for once
Dislikes: competition (he gets rid of the competition the same day he adds a new item, if you know what I mean)
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Name: Jimmy Catsket
Age: mid 30s
Race: Warrior Cat
Weapon: Killers Knife
Power: Increased speed when attempting (completing) murder
Height: 2 ft. 6in.
Likes: "To STAB! STAB! STAB!"
Dislikes: Police
Weight: 21.4 lbs.
Only kills police, or innocents

*in the forest sharping my knife on a bone*
(Open RP)

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Im sad that all my friends can find more than one photo for their characters and i only have this one
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