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Bethany and Ash had been friends for ages.Beth trsuted Ash enough that she let him do... special things... with her, and she didnt mind. She awoke to his big sloppy tongue covering her face in drool.

She laughed and pushed him away, wiping her face off. "Well, good morning to you too!"

"Morning~" He purred.

Beth pet Ash's snout. "What should we do today?"

He growled playfully at her. "Let's play hide and seek."

She giggled. "Alright! I'll go hide!" She ran off to hide.

Ash started counting slowly. Beth ran into the woods and hid in a bush.

When he was ready, Ash roared loudly and flew out of his cave. He sniffed at the air and roared again. Flying into the woods. He followed her scent into a clearimg. Landing, he started sniffing at the ground, growling playfully.

He caught her scent and ran towards the bush with a roar, pushing his muzzle into it. Grabbing Beth in her maw, he shook her playfully back and forth like a rag doll, growling.

He tossed her to the ground and ran over, pinning her down with his paw. He roared and growled at her. She played dead. He started licking her mercilessly and sh giggled. "Okay, okay, you win!"

He chuckled and licked her again. "Yup, I do. And you know what that means~" He got off of her and picked her up in his maw, starting to swallow her.

She squirmed down his throat and into his belly.
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Gurgles and groans emitted from her belly as she finished swallowing down the last of her victims, their outlines sliding down her throat and down into her distended gut below. Lamb, the female half of the being known as Kindred, let out a small, feminine burp once her victim was forced to curl up within, crowded amongst the few others she had eaten prior.

Ever since that odd day in which she felt Wolf's hunger, Lamb had never quite been the same. She'd always be hungry, even after devouring many of their hunts herself. Although the sensation that was "hunger" was one she wasn't used to back then, the feeling of sating it filled her with a bit of a guilty pleasure. She giggled to herself a bit, feeling the new addition struggle around with the... three? Four others? She had lost count, but she regardless revelled in the feeling. She looked down at her gut and saw the struggles and fighting of the prey within her, the ones that weren't digested at least. The three or four she had just finished consuming weren't the first of her meals that day, as they sat on the currently grinding bones of two or three others she had hunted, while their bones remained and were still being processed, the parts of them that already were had become nothing more than padding on her growing rear and breasts, as well as her hips and thighs.

If there was a feeling she enjoyed more than being full for now, it was the strange pride she had in her growing gut and assets. She gave her booty a light smack and squeeze, feeling the layer of fat that had piled onto it. A shiver ran up her spine as she did so, before her gut gurgled and moaned once more, drowning out her prey's muffled shouts. It was clear what it meant, she still felt hungry. Of course, who was she to deny it what it wanted? She continued her search for further victims to fill her groaning stomach with, as those within continued to digest away into nothing more than Lamb fat.

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named Emma sparkle was just laying on her bed until her son named miles came and woke her, he was jumping on her bed wake up mommy wake upy the shark child said as he kept jumping, the mother shark was awake and giggled, Emma would normally swallow anyone who would wake her, but if it was her own son waking her up she would just smile and get up, Emma loved her son very much that she would NEVER eat him, Emma looked at her adorable son why are you so excited sweetie the mother shark asked, the little shark answered because today is my birthday mommy and you promised me we would go to a beach Emma had a surprised look on her face, she had forgotten about her son's birthday and felt bad, but now that she remembers she just smiled your right sweetie I did promise you, well okay let's eat first and get ready before we go okay sweetie the little shark smiled widely YAY thank you mommy Emma petted her son's head and brought him close to her breasts, hugging him lovingly, the child smiled at his mother's warm embrace and cuddled close to her, after their little cuddling miles got off the bed and went back downstairs, Emma stood and stretched while yawning, she was in her purple bikini and she looked at herself at the mirror, her belly was bulging out, with a sigh she grabbed her gut with a hand and squished it I shouldn't have ate that mailman yesterday, but he was so tasty with an evil chuckle she looked down at her belly and rubbed it as it gurgled I hope you enjoyed your stay in my stomach, you were quite the treat with a chuckle she headed downstairs for breakfast, hours later and Emma and miles were heading to the beach I'm so excited mommy the mother replied me too sweetie she was going to the beach for her son to swim and have fun, but she's also going to the beach so she can devour the ones that's in the beach, they made it to the beach okay sweetie you go swim and have fun miles looked at her and smiled okay mommy miles then gives his mother a loving hug I love you mommy the mother shark smiled and hugged her son close to her pudgy belly, miles face was alittle buried but smiled and nuzzled her belly lovingly I love you to sweetie, you have fun and be careful the son replied okay mommy with that said he started to go swimming, Emma's stomach started to growl hungryly and she made a devilish grin time for dinner she found two couples, two wolves, the male one looked muscular and the female looked beautiful but also yummy, in fact Emma,her son, and these wolves were literally the ONLY ones here, Emma ran to them and just devoured them in about 23 seconds mmmmm~ delicious Emma rubbed her gut and let out a loud BELCH, Emma covered her mouth and blushed oh goodness excuse me hehe the wolves inside her gut were struggling to get out keep struggling but that's only making me feel better she said as she rubbed her bulging Belly, she then looked at her son and smiled at how adorable he was, just playing and swimming around, Emma then thought she should take a nap so she could digest her meal, she laid down on her back and started to rest, hours later she felt something touching her gut, she looked and saw her son miles rubbing it wow mommy, your tummy feels so comfy the mother smiled and said oh really, wanna snuggle it the little shark nodded and started to hug and snuggle Emma's gut lovingly, this made Emma smile and rubbed her son's head happy birthday day my sweet little angel shark, mommy loves you


The art belongs to the great artist +Josh X Matt Kawaii​​​​​ himself

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The Knight and the Dragon Queen:

Soft foot steps echoed in the halls a young knight walked in, heading straight for the Queen of the dragons. His armor clanked and clunked loudly, yet every dragon he passed paid little to no attention. He stopped at two large doors and hesitated to continue. He was nervous.

It wasn't until the doors were opened from the inside of the throne room that he had known what the queen looked like. She human looking with the only signs of being a dragon being her dark green dragon ears, horns, wings, and a tail. She had pointy fangs poking out from under her upper lips. Her hair was a fairly messy dark brown mess with a golden and white crown lazily placed on it.

"Ma'am..." the knight squeaked to gain the queen's attention. It was caught and kept as he continued. "I-I am Sir Williams, sent by my king to bring him your head. Like the fair knight I am... I-I challenge you to a d-duel!"

The queen glared at him with her yellowish eyes and chuckled. Sitting up from her throne and spreading her wings wide, revealing under her red cape her grayish blue, black, and gold clothing underneath that were torn. She took a step towards the knight, her bare feet touching the cold stone ground. The queen smirked and raised one of her clawed hands.

"A duel you say?... It's been a while since I last did a duel... But as your request, we shall duel tomorrow morning. I'd like a tasty knight breakfast..." The queen paused and studied the shaky knight's face, fear and dread painted all over it. She licked her lips as she made her way towards the knight, saying "Tonight you shall have a feast with me and sleep in the best guest room in my castle."

Sir Williams nodded and waited until the dragoness walked up to him, realizing how large she was compared to him. She was roughly four times his size which only made him wonder how large her real dragon form would be. If he wasn't a knight he'd be an easy dinner for her.

The queen was almost ready to have a dinner until she stopped herself and decided to say, "Come along, the feast has already been made. Let us dine and drink the best wine I have. My name is Queen Jade..."


Queen Jade slid her royal cape off and carefully placed her crown on it on one of the walls of the dueling arena. In front of her stood Sir Williams, his sword and shield ready yet shaky.

It was silent for a bit of time, almost as if time had stopped, but the battle was made official when Queen Jade leaped at Williams, transforming into a large green dragon seven times Williams' size. The knight ran to the side of her and when the dragon landed she was immediately stabbed in the arm by Williams' silvery sword. Roaring with anger Queen Jade whipped her tail around to knock the knight down, successfully sending him onto his back. She ripped the sword from her arm and threw it to the side, laying her tail on the small knight to keep him pinned.

"Thanks for the exercise, breakfast..." the dragon queen thanked with a small snicker. "I'll enjoy slurping you up..."

Jade reverted to her first form and placed her foot on Williams, nearly crushing the poor fellow. She sniffed and grinned maniacally as she bent down to him and slowly began to remove his armor, revealing his light clothing. She soon removed the clothing, leaving him in his underwear. The knight was sweating and shaking violently as it happened.

"M-May I request a re-rematch?" The knight asked hopeful.

"No. I may of beaten you in less than five minutes, but I don't want to lose my meal..."

Before the knight could try anything else he was lifted up to Jade's face. She lapped at his chest and face, her tongue drenching him in saliva before even entering her mouth.

"Glad your king sent you over, otherwise I wouldn't have the joy of eating you..."

With those words said, the Queen of Dragons placed Williams' head inside her mouth and savored it slowly and soon began to push him in. Jade took her time in enjoying this breakfast, but the longer she took the more her stomach growled at her.

Annoyed with her stomach, the queen soon reached the knight's hips with his upper half in her throat. It made her pleased to have such a nice meal. With one powerful gulp, she sent him down with his knees down poking out of her mouth. Williams struggled to escape, kicking his legs everywhere yet it was no use. It instead make Jade giggled and decide to finish up. She slurped his legs up like noodles and swallowed one last time, her meal pushed all the way into her stomach, leaving a nice round lump. Williams kicked and punched, but it had no affect on the full dragon.

"I can't wait for the others who come to supposedly slay me... It's an all you can eat buffet now!"

Right as the queen said that, a servant ran up to her and informed her of an approaching group of tasty looking knights.

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I'm hungry for some female trainers. Canon girls such as Misty and Dawn are my favorite prey, but I'm game for anyone so long as you're tasty.

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So yeah, this is a very old story now... There is an updated version on Wattpad, I can put the link here for anyone who wants to read a slightly better version..

The characters don't belong to me, none of them ever really do in my story, as I don't have OCs except me (maybe I do but forgot them lol)

So, enjoy it!

Wattpad version:
Erin Vores Travis, Ivy and Draco
+Travis Valkrum
+Ivy Calihand
+undyne the heroin

Erin came charging into the kitchen with ferocious delight written on his face. But at once he came to a halt, surprised to discover the room he had entered was empty.

He was certain that whatever wretched little creature it was he had been chasing only moments ago must have come in here, where they'd be cornered.

But as he scanned the room, there was no sign of anyone.

The huge feline slowly stepped around the table in the centre of the room. Nobody had made it into the hall. No noise had been made so they couldn't have headed back upstairs through all that junk again. The back door hadn't been opened; it still stood there, locked.

Unless they could walk through walls, his prey must be hiding somewhere in this room.

It would have helped if Erin had actually seen his victim. He had reckoned there was only one of them, but then he hadn't really thought that much about it.

One or many, big or small, male or female, none of it mattered.

Someone had snuck into his house and he was going to get them. That was all he cared about.

As for what he'd do after catching them, well, it probably wouldn't be legal.

Erin paused, looking down at the table. The tablecloth. It draped itself right down to the floor. Good enough to hide someone.

Erin knelt down and grabbed the end of the tablecloth. He didn't take his time because he can be rather impatient at times, pulling up the tablecloth at once to discover the scared human hiding behind it.

Erin smirked as he recognised the white haired brat curled up under his kitchen table as Travis.

Travis had gasped as his cover was blown and now the two of them stared at each other for a moment. The giant of a cat staring down at the young man.

Such a nice boy, cute even. His emerald green eyes were wide with horror and he was breathing quickly.

Erin could smell his fear and was proud to be the reason for it. He'd found the guy to be a pest at times, but now that he'd been caught invading his house, the big puppet had a good excuse to do a little extermination.

Besides, he was getting hungry.

"Well now," He said with a mocking tone, "Look who we have here!"

Even as he spoke, he reached forward and snatched Travis' ankle, who gave a sharp yelp as Erin stood up and effortlessly held him in the air upside down with one hand on one foot, causing the backpack he was wearing to slip off and fall to the floor.

"So you thought you could wander around my house, did you?" Travis didn't scream, Erin had to give him that.

He just stared up at him with wide eyes, his arms dangling down, his chest rising and falling quickly with his breathing and it sounded faintly like he was whimpering.

He was scared, but mostly silent about it.

"Thought you had the right, did you? That you were better than me?" He gave him a shake which only made Travis let out a quick gasp.

His reluctance to scream was getting on Erin's nerves now.

"Well I'll show you what happens to arrogant little brats who get too far ahead of themselves!" Erin growled.

With his free hand, Erin held his prey by the waist, lifted him above his head. He sniffed at Travis before licking his cheek, as a taste test. Travis reacted with a disgusted grunt.

The taste was acceptable. Erin opened his mouth as wide as he could. Which was extremely wide.

As Travis, with his hair hanging down and his legs kicking uselessly, slipped into Erin's maw head first, Erin finally got to hear him cry out.

Draco and Ivy were at the top of the stairs when they heard Travis' voice. They'd been hurrying from room to room upstairs, looking for Travis after Erin had leapt downstairs.

They'd been hoping Travis was still up here so they could take the opportunity to get out.

They'd kept an ear out in case Erin started shouting so that they could all go down and hopefully talk him down.

Too late they realised that Erin was talking to someone and only now Draco and Ivy were aware that Travis was in trouble.

"Draco, you stay up here, I'll go and check." Ivy whispered to Draco.

Draco nodded slowly, anxiety spread all over his face. He kept running his fingers through his ginger hair nervously.

Ivy crept downstairs, moving slowly to stay unnoticed so that she could always use the element of surprise if she needed to.

She finally reached the bottom of the stairs and snuck to the kitchen door.

As she got closer, she could hear Erin making odd mumbling noises, as though his mouth was full.

Concerned, Ivy moved a bit faster and peered into the room.

She looked in just in time to see a pair of feet disappear into Erin's mouth, where they were swallowed down his throat and into his belly, which seemed to have a small bulge. Erin is very thin, so this was unusual.

It was bulging to the point that it could probably fit a child inside (yeah yeah, I know he's not a kid, what evz). And a pair of shoes that belonged to those feet were lying on the floor next to a backpack.

The last time Ivy had seen those things, Travis had been wearing them.

The realisation of what she'd just seen sunk in and Ivy gasped so sharply that it caught Erin's attention. Erin turned to see her standing in the doorway, her jaw hanging open in shock, and Erin grinned.

"Ivy!" Erin called, as if this was a casual meeting amongst friends. "I should have guessed you'd be here too."

Erin was walking towards Ivy now, while she backed away from the kitchen.

"Wh-What have you done? What i-is wrong with you!?" Ivy asked, voice shaking. She still wasn't able to make sense of what she'd just seen.

"What? Him? Oh, just putting a little bastard in his place, that's all."

Ivy continued to step back. The two of them were in the centre of the hall now, a distance of about a metre being maintained between them.

"So, what about Travis...?" Ivy stammered.

"Well he broke into my house-" Ivy couldn't take it any more.

"You've gone too far!" Ivy exclaimed.

"So have you two! Yes, I ate the guy. Oh don't look so shocked! He deserved it. Besides, he was quite a tasty little morsal. But it's not like I make a habit of eating humans." Erin answered calmly.

"But you could kill him!"

"Aren't you listening? That little fucker had it coming."

Ivy said nothing. She'd taken another step back and reached the wall.

"Frankly, I'm making the world a better place and nobody will even notice." Erin continued with a smirk.

"I-I'll notice," Ivy replied trying to keep her voice from cracking.

There was a pause. Then with one step, Erin closed the distance between them.

"Is that so?" He hissed, looming over the small woman. "And what are you going to do about it, eh? What happens now?"

Ivy thought about Travis. Swallowed alive, whole and awake; it was too horrible to think about. She was completely at Erin's mercy and she knew it.

Blinking back tears, she decided all she could do was the least she could do. All that mattered was saving Travis here and now.

"I-I'll do n-nothing," she stammered.

Erin raised an eyebrow at that.

"I won't t-tell anyone about this. I'll leave and... leave and forget all ab-about it. Please! Just let Travis go! Let him go and we'll p-put everything here behind us."

She could hardly believe she'd managed to say all that without cracking. Ivy realised how terrified she was. The sooner this was over the better.

"Well," Erin took a step back, appearing to actually consider this. "That sounds reasonable enough, I think we can agree on that."

He'd even dropped the dangerous tone from his voice as he continued to speak, "But I'm afraid we don't live in some fantasy world where I can just cough the brat back up."

Erin huffed, "And I'm not going to throw up for him. As much as the bastard make me sick, I don't enjoy it."

Getting her breathing back under control after finding a spot of hope, Ivy replied "Maybe, we could..."

"Look Ivy, if you want him out, you have to do it now. Reach inside and pull him out." Erin leaned forward and opened his huge mouth.

"What!?" Ivy felt her heartbeat race again. "But-"

"Do you want to make me change my mind? Now or never, Ivy!"

Unable to believe this was happening, Ivy took a deep breath and slowly reached her left arm inside Erin's waiting mouth.

Through the jaw, her hand moved down past his tongue and into his esophagus.

As it entered the throat, Ivy felt the wetness that was inside.

Disgusted, she reached in until her shoulder was up to Erin's mouth. She could scarcely believe anybody's mouth - anybody's body - could fit so much of a person inside it.

From what she could judge, her hand was only as far as Erin's chest. It couldn't reach any more that it had.

Taking another deep breath, Ivy moved her head into Erin's maw, grossed out from the noises coming from the giant animal.

Keeping her right arm outside, pressed against Erin's snout, she tried to get in deeper but it wasn't good enough.

Gathering her courage, Ivy shouldered in her other arm and pushed her torso towards the void, feeling her chest brushing against sharp teeth and she shuddered.

She tried to peer down to see Travis but it was too dark, although she thought she could hear crying.

Ivy dived forward with both hands and stretched them down into what must be the stomach. Her hands suddenly felt something wet and sticky, but solid and warm, something that was moving in response to her touch.

"Travis!" Ivy cried out.

"Ivy!" came the response. He sounded terrified, more upset than he had been ever before, but he was alive and hopefully unhurt.

That much was a relief.

Then Erin closed his mouth.

There was a little pain as Ivy felt the teeth on her body, but much worse was the following panic. She'd been up to her waist inside Erin, halfway down his throat.

Only her hips and legs were free to move and they wouldn't be able to get her out. The walls of the stomach were too slippery to push against and the only thing that wasn't was Travis. She was trapped.

And now Erin was straightening up and tilting his head back. He was going to eat Ivy as well.

Getting desperate, Ivy did the only thing she could and pushed against Travis, trying to fight the pull and try to get out. Poor Travis was so confused but it was the only thing Ivy could do to survive and if she didn't survive, they'd both be lost.

It was pitch black, but Ivy could hear his pain and betrayal. She had to keep pushing even so.

It was one-sided. Erin simply pushed against Ivy, shoving her by the backside back into his mouth. He was much stronger and his swallowing throat muscles were helping all the time.

It was pointless, as Ivy wouldn't have been able to push against Travis the whole way out and if she'd reached the point where she couldn't reach Travis, her feet would still be dangling in the air and her arms would be in no position to pull herself out. She'd already lost.

Ivy realised this and stopped tormenting Travis, adding her own panicked cries to hers as her thighs were slipped into the mouth. She felt herself sink down and in as her arms, head and shoulders were dropped onto Travis.

She should have seen this coming. It was obvious Erin wouldn't let either of them live, not after that. She'd been too desperate to think too much about it and doomed Travis, herself and...


They had to somehow get Draco's attention. He was their last hope. Their only hope.

Erin slurped in the kicking legs, which became the kicking feet and then became nothing.

The young woman was sucked into the stomach with ease and fell into place beside Travis, more than doubling the size of Erin's belly.

It was done.

Erin felt very uncomfortable with so much additional weight. He clicked his fingers, turning both Ivy and Travis into mice. The stomach bulge turned into nothing, as if Erin hadn't just eaten two humans.

Erin smelled the air. A new scent was wandering in Erin's path. It seemed awfully familiar. Erin's feast wasn't entirely finished.

He heard footsteps and saw the sight of his owner, Draco. Erin snickered and licked his lips.

"Hey Erin. Y-You look c-content." Draco commented, trying to hide his anxiety.

Erin nodded, quite happily, almost giving off that he was quite harmless. His tail doing a gentle twitch every now and again and his eyes being way softer.

"I just wanted to give you a hug..." Draco stammered, followed by a very nervous chuckle.

Erin nodded, obeying his owner. His arms open welcomingly as he waited for Draco to come closer. Erin can be patient when it comes to waiting for hugs.

With light footsteps, Draco slowly made his way to Erin and then wrapped his arms around him. Erin curled his arms around Draco and held him close. It wasn't uncomfortable but Draco felt strange.

Draco thought that Ivy and Travis had somehow managed to get away from Erin's clutches. Which would almost seem impossible.

Draco pressed his ear against Erin's stomach as he hugged him and heard the two residents inside crying for help. He realized who's voices they belonged to and he suddenly backed away from Erin and pushed out from his arms.

Erin raised a brow and watched Draco step away, similar to the way Ivy had backed away. Except this time, turning and running.

Erin's eyes narrowed and he instinctively chased Draco. It is a very well known fact that if you turn your back on a feline, it will instinctively stalk after you and pounce.

Draco and Erin usually did this playfully while playing a silly little game, but this seemed to be a whole different kind of perspective.

Draco ran as fast as he could, with Erin tagging behind him at a swift and steady pace. Draco tripped on the rug in the hallway and quickly rolled onto his back to face the marionette known as Erin.

Erin towered over Draco with a totally smug face.

"You know where they are... Don't you." Erin sneered, that obviously was a rhetorical question.

Draco froze, knowing Erin was talking about Travis and Ivy. He nodded and shielded his face with his arms, as if hiding himself.

"What is w-wrong with y-you Erin?" Draco exclaimed with alarm, "Why would you do such a thing?!"

Erin looked taken aback slightly as he knelt down in front of his owner. But immediately, his aggression reformed again.

"I have already answered that question today, thank you," Erin snarled, "If you really want to know, you can ask Ivy."

Erin prodded his belly lightly and looked at it with a smirk. He enjoyed the feeling of having the two squirming in his stomach. Having one more would certainly satisfy Erin.

Draco shook his head, "Then I won't ask. Forget I did."

Draco looked distraught. He was considering if he should just give up and be at Erin's mercy or make a run for it. But how? Erin kneeling over him and there was no chance.

Draco didn't really have much time to think before he noticed Erin had licked his neck. Taste testing him, like he did to Travis.

Draco however was used to this behavior from Erin, as Erin often licked Draco's face. Usually when Erin is happy, playful or welcoming. But right now Draco was unsure of Erin's current mood.

He gently stroked Erin's cheek, pure fear racing through him. Erin sensed it perfectly. Erin purred considering if he should eat him or not, it was becoming a difficult decision.

Then Erin suddenly opened his jaws widely right in front of Draco's face, as if showing off his set of white teeth. Strings of saliva were attached to the roof of Erin's mouth, his tongue and his teeth.

Draco could do nothing but stare into his mouth. Erin's mouth looks wide enough to fit his head inside. In fact, it did.

Erin shoved Draco's head into his mouth. Draco jolted and started pressing his hands against Erin and trying to push away.

Erin grunted, he was way stronger than Draco. He shoved Draco's shoulders into his mouth and his head slipped into his esophagus. Erin proceeded to shove Draco's arms and torso into his mouth.

Draco was up to his waist inside. He started to squirm and shout as he kicked his legs hopelessly.

It was pitch black and impossible to feel where he was. He predicted he was close to entering the stomach by now though.

Erin pushed Draco's legs and feet into his mouth. Draco slipped down and into the stomach. Erin immediately clicked his fingers, turning Draco into a mouse too.

Ivy, Travis and Draco started shouting and crying out for help. Although their efforts were puny, they thought it was possible for one last chance.

Nope !

On the "bright" side, Erin's stomach was very spacious and they could move around a bit, as well as that in their rodent forms, they could see in the dark.

Erin sat back in the hall right where he was, propping his back up against a wall. He rests his hands on his stomach and pats it lightly.

The three 'mice' huddled close together, listening to the loud thudding of Erin's heart and the whoosh of his lungs.

"Erin! We're sorry!" Travis cried out.

Erin rolled his eyes, pretending that he couldn't hear him.

Erin yawned and lay down on his side. All that effort of wolfing down three adult humans had certainly made him tired. His eyes rolled back and his eyelids drooped as he fell asleep.

Travis, Ivy and Draco were trying to plan how to escape...

(Part 2?)
that was long XD
(should I add more people in part 2 if there is one or not? You decide...)
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Yes! Part 2!💛🐁🐁🐁
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She was quite big and beautiful, but most made fun of her for her size. Class was just ending and she was quick to pass a note to you before rushing out of thr class room shyly. The not read I think your it... I want you to meet my at my parents cabins out in the woods tonight. Spend the weekend with me some experimental fun

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