I'm having similar "ghost window" problems with my LG g3. Hover Browser opens, but the icon is truncated, and nothing shows when I try to display the window. Then, I can't close it without doing a force close.

I love the program on my other phone, thanks for developing it.

Just remember your new job isn't as important as me getting new versions of hover.

Lovely app! Any plans for an instapaper / readability /mobilizer kind of reading mode?

Hey while we're making this the best browser how about integrating an ad blocking system? And while I'm dreaming, how about two way chrome bookmarking

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UI curtain I thought people might like if they saw the previous folding animation
A better curtain UI effect

Check it out here on a real device (http://bit.ly/UICurtain) - silky smooth! I'm a big fan of the work +Marcus Eckert does with code-based motion and complex UI animation effects (check out his experiments blog http://bit.ly/OtjoUE for more examples). Me wantz it!

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A few errors that I've been having with Hover. It'll also just not load but still appears to be "running". It'll also create a ghost window, as in nothing will be there yet the hover browser is still open and I can't close it.
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This is an example of one of the problems I had with the "ghost" windows. Hover is still running but I wasn't able to click anything on my screen below the status bar. I had to restart my phone.

When listening to a podcast if I close a hover window it pauses the podcast.

Obviously the podcast player is designed to do this if I start up some other media and I'm guessing hover is triggering that somehow.

Pressing the menu button again does not close the menu. Neither does the back button. In fact, the back button is completely disabled when the menu is open.

+Adnan Begovic could you make it so tapping the circle minimizes when the Hover browser window is open similar to how Chat Heads works? If this is how it's supposed to work it's not working for me.
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