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Here's all of the rules:
1. Absolutely NO CHARACTER THEFT! You can either adopt a bat-sona (in the adopts section) or ask someone to make you a bat-sona (in the fursona requests section) just don't take images off of google! It makes me extremely upset, especially when I cannot find the artist of the picture anywhere!
2. Be kind to everyone, even those who do not yet have bat wings, or those who just wanna hang out with all of the other bats here, just don't be a dick.
3. Minor swearing is okay, just don't swear after every word, it is rude and highly innapropriate for a place of this sort!
4. If anyone breaks the rules (including a mod) and I'm not around, post the claim in the  "File a report here" section please, I will also need evidence, so please screenshot any evidence you have.
5. Hybrids are allowed as long as it is CLEARLY STATED that they have bat DNA in them.
6. No trolls or haters in this community, if I find out there are some, then imma smack a bitch! XD But if I find any here I'll ban them on sight, I expect moderators to do the same thing.
7. We go by a 2 strike system, 1st strike is a warning to them in the "File a report here" section, and the 2nd strike is an auto-ban! No re-entering the community, as you will be perminantly banned.
8. NO NSFW UNLESS it is a refence sheet, in that case, if you have more photos of your bat-sona, post as the 5th or even last photo, just not in the first 4 pics please! :D
Those are all of the rules you'll need to know of as of now! :3
P.S. Mod applications are open at the moment you just need to fill out this:
What's your batsona/fursona?
How active are you
Anything to offer to benifit the community?
Any new rules you may want to add?
(Art and character belong to me)

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my name is chaos and im a emo bat with more than a couple peircings

Hey I hope it's ok, but I don't have a bat fursona yet.. I was wondering if anyone can make one for me? I love bats ^-^
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