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Engagement online in real time will drive customer satisfaction.

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Commenters, We Want You Back! TechCrunch has chosen to part ways with Facebook comments, while still allowing the flexibility of posting to whatever social medium you will like to tap into.

In a nutshell: sweet!

How do you run comments on your site?


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Just in case you haven't caught this one yet. Really worth the read!
5 SEO Mistakes That Even Experts Miss
- Building rich anchor text links
- Building too many links too fast
- Building too many links to your homepage
- Writing a lot of mediocre content
- Links build authority

Great post from +Neil Patel :)
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Really appreciate this input +Tami Cannizzaro! Often at the cost of missing the mark, brands will post pictures for pictures sake. How important it is to understand what the brand has influence over, where they can set accents, and where the consumer has free reign to interpret. 

Excited about where 2013 is going to bring us as photo branding matures.

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Facebook Lost 1.4 Million Users. Does That Matter? 
To be clear, I don't think facebook is ever going to 'suffer' per se from a mass user exodus. 

For the sake of argument, however, what would happen if everyone simply deleted their accounts and went to G+?

At this point in the game, facebook has long ceased to be simply a place where people meet to waste their time, or keep in touch with fam and friends over long or not so long distances.

Facebook, and it's technological architecture, and sheer infrastructure, have forever changed the global landscape, as well as, the basic understanding of how communities meet, shop, love, and relate to one another. 

They have tapped into such a wealth of information and, together with Google, have been the driving force, and virtual playground, behind data warehouse research and development that will continue to change the lives of most people on the planet, for as long as there continues to be a power switch somewhere.

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Excited to see what kinds of ideas and products are going to be coming our way, if this group continues to meet regularly.

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