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Post has attachment In recent years, with the improvement of industrial automation level, pneumatic components become more and more wide application in various equipments. Compressed air has become an indispensable power source for human’s production and life. 

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it has different requirements of the compressed air due to production process differences in different industry, such as electroplating paint, food, pharmaceutical and other industries generally requires -20 ℃ pressure dew point; chemical, electric power meter generally require below - 40 ℃ pressure dew point, while the semiconductor chip plant requires around -70 ℃ pressure dew point of compressed air.

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Post has attachment Compressed air accounts for 10% ~ 35% of total energy consumption as a widely used power source in industrial applications.

It’s very key to select appropriate air dryer equipment due to compressed air quality directly affect the various gas equipment and technology process

Post has attachment Biteman modular-units dryers is the choice of many companies, it not only make compressed air more clean, easier, more simple and quicker for maintenance, repair, but also reduce the annual cost of equipment maintenance and the delay in the actual production time for enterprises.

Owning a complete set of equipment is necessary in the manufacturing industry of high efficient development. Just like Chinese proverb “study is like sailing against the current", it not only refers to the knowledge, more refers to the technological innovation and development, so it shows that our equipment need to continuously improve. Can you imagine who belongs to the forefront enterprises in the future market when other companies have advanced equipment, and you are still using traditional equipment?
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