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We heard of lots of animated stories told
from Disney but what if a story never continues in the animated world
but continues on our world?
a story of a girl who was about to marry her true love until an evil Queen pushed her
into a well down to New York City.
And soon begins to find her real true loves kiss.
I love this movie because it brings lots of great imaginations of Disney to life.
Now soon I don't know yet but I'm having a good feeling their going to make a new sequel
Enchanted 2.
But for some reason some people are saying it will be called Disenchanted.
But why?

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My family's  planning
to take us to the 
Lion King Broadway this new year!
We got to see it once and were going to do it again.
I love the show because it's based on the film The Lion King
and we get to see our favorite characters like
Timon and Pumbaa, and see all kinds of animals coming through the audience and come on stage to see the new king.
Mostly when 
the elephant and the baby elephant too.
Love elephants.
I also love the scene 
I just can't wait to be king.
When Simba and Nala tries to 
get rid of Zazu and lots of silly things happened.
I know what most of the costumes are.
I know that Simba and Nala were riding two osteriches.
And there were four giant giraffes!
But...on the picture what are those things that were with Simba?
They were dancing everywhere!
But I don't know what they are but it's creative!
I could tell 
one of them had long wiggly 
arms and legs and was black and white like a zebra and have 
antlers I think like a gazelle.
And another one looked
it had long things in its head 
and a horn like a rhinoceros 
and it was also redish white and 
I thing it has a head of a crocadile.
And the other one had green spots 
and has almost a head of a warthog.
And the last one had a blue head and a yellow body
and it almost looked like an elephant!
Love elephants.
They were all great costumes.
Maybe their animals mixed up together.
But how did they thought of that?
And which do you like?
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have you heard of Inside Out?
I think most of you already have.
If you know the movie you know about
Bing Bong.
He was an imaginary friend of Riley.
He's mostly cotton candy but
he's part cat, dolohin and elephant!
I love elephants!
But for some reason Riley doesn't muchly think about him anymore.
Joy and Sadness tried to
help Bing Bong get remembered again but soon Joy and Bing Bong falled into the memory dump.
Bing Bong gave his life for Joy and Riley.
He needed Riley to be happy.
Joy promise him they would take her to the moon for him.
Now he's gone.
He wasn't Rileys imaginary friend.

He was Rileys best friend.
The only thing that could save him is to be remembered again.
If he gets remembered he'll come back and he won't be forgotten anymore.
I guess it'll take time for the emotions to help Bing Bong.
I guess for now it's up to us.
If other people use their imagination of
Bing Bong, he could still be alive.
He can be your friend until Riley remembers him again.
What do you think?
If you care please answer.
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Does anyone have a heart for animals anymore?
Has anyone risked their life's to save an animals heart?
I know Carl Fredricksen had.
Few years ago
he wanted to take his house to
Paradise Falls and have an adventure
for his special.wife Ellie.
She passed away and Carl wants to make her proud!
But when he came....he had few friends.
One of them was Russel.
He has been trying to catch a snipe for Carl.
But he cares for all wildlife.
Even when he discovered
a beautiful, unusual and enormous bird!
He named her Kevin.
But soon they found out Kevin had babies
and needed to bring her back to them.
But Charles Muntz
a hunter that never had a heart for nature
or animals.
He wanted to catch Kevin and take her away from her babies and bring her to science.
Science is a bad thing!
Who knows what they
would do to animals there?
And Kevins poor babies would be all alone
and would not be able to survive without their mother.
And it's not only wildlife to worry about.
Even pets like
poor dog Dug.
Dug was forced from Muntz to be his master
and being forced to hunt Kevin.
But he didn't want to do those things.
He just wanted to have a real
master that cares about him
and wouldn't force him to do anything.
And he had found Carl.
His real master.
Carl seemed happy to have a man's best friend.
But when Carl learned Kevin had a family
and he knows they must save Kevin
otherwise Charles will kill her.
So he, Dug and Russel risked their lifes to save Kevin, defeat Muntz and bring her back to her family.
And Dug and all the dogs began to follow
Carl as their new master.
Let me ask you something.
Are you a hero like Carl
who saved Kevin and Dig through their fears or are you a villian like
Muntz who cares nothing for a heart?
A real hero would risks their life's and care
for who he or she loves.
Even animals.
Are you a villian or a hero?

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