I think my campaign will be set on a fantasy version of Saturn. I'm going to use the names various ancient cultures used for Saturn as the names of the city states. Flyers will be able to reach the various Saturnian moons.

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This coming Monday night the 31st at 6 pm EST - I will be giving away these 4 Gardner F Fox inspired comic books. To be eligible for the giveaway you'll need to be a subscriber to my Newsletter = http://www.kurtbrugel.com/newsletter/
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Skyships of the Crimson Planet. This artwork definitely sets the bar to "Zoom." 

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I was rereading my copy of Revolution d100 (Alephtar Games; a BRP / d% variant) and remembered they use ERB's Mars as the ongoing example for character generation and a few other places. The sample PC is a Red Martian Air Pirate. The bestiary ncludes Green Martians and White Apes.

Rd100 is backed with an SRD. For folks who enjoy WotWP but like more skill focus and less level-based might find it of interest.
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Uncle Eric here with something infernal for my 'Old Mars' hybrid campaign.

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On Mars it's Friday
On Friday it's Mars

What is this?
B/X shit I make for a game on a Mars that is not quite ERB's or Bracket's, but maybe is.
This is like entry five or six or something.
This week another map, a section of Ruined Xumos.

I'll eventually do a set of encounter tables. I wish I could have fit more on here.
Also I am going to put up the other entries, because someone always seems to ask.
Thanks for looking!
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A little early, but it is almost Friday
More Mars for you:


Wondering how people handle Earthlings on Mars.
I've been thinking of adding a +2 Str modifier and +1 Dex modifier for humans raised on Earth but adventuring in Martian gravity. Note that this bonus is to the modifier and not the stat, so someone looking at them wouldn't be able to tell how strong they were from visible muscle mass.

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