AYYY someone scammed me a few weeks ago by jam a gramming me and saying "oh I'll gift u my spike if u gift me your top hat " and I was like sure why not and once I gifted them the top hat, they blocked me

IK I have no proof and all but THIS IS URGENT!
So like, a few days ago I was on AJ with my buddy, and then my other buddy, (you know on AJ there's gonna be this buddy who you kinda ignore most of the time) she asked me to join her 'Rare Fox Hat Giveaway'
And get this-
She asked me to work together with her, (but I didn't) and I just wow cant believe she's a scammer!!!

This is her username-

This is how she scams-
She says 'Rare Fox Hat Giveaway My Den NO SCALE!'
And then she asks you to TRUST her!
And she accepts your great things!
She scammed a jammer's tophat before!
(I knew cuz when she accepted the trade the tophat disappeared from the jammer's head)



Sorry I haz no proof but this was A LONG TIME AGO...
snowy09009 was the first jammer to ever scam me in my aj life... I gave her my first rare spike wrist for a beta tiara giveaway.... but I dont care its just a stupid pixel she scammed ;)

Someone Scammed my Rare Headdress :(

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Scamming is terrible. It not only affects pixels that we worked hard for, but it often happens on shady sites like ebay.
I remember I had a headdress before I knew  that rare spiked collars existed. It was my dream to get one. I had the perfect look - a black rare bow, elf bracelets, tail armor - all I needed was the headdress.
I got it in December 2013 - one of my best Christmas gifts ever. I traded a nature archway for it, as well as some other small betas. It was a trading contest during a Tuesday snowday, and I won with the best trade. The person accepted, and I got my headdress.
I had the headress for about a week until flash trading became very popular. Of course I wanted to get in on the fun. I was flash trading somebody for a long spiked collar. I traded a viking helmet, my headdress (It was orange), an arctic hood, and a beta fountain for a 6 second flash. Of course they accepted, and there I was - devasted. I don't think I'll ever be as rare as I was back then, because headdresses nowadays are worth a lot. This was my second time getting scammed - I had lost a light orange fox hat and a rare baseball cap (at the time I thought they were super rare) to trust trading in October, not very long after I joined (I joined October 13th, 2013.) I decided to sit back and lay low, hoping that somebody would be nice enough to get me back up there. And they did.
One morning (January, 2014) in Mount Shiveer on the server Aldan somebody gifted me another fountain.  I quickly traded it for a cami frog, and then for a pink bubbletron 5000, which I traded for a white bubbletron that I still have.
Let's skip ahead to the Forgotten Desert. I had been scammed 3 times now - the 3rd time of a rare rasberry bow, which is the rarest color. I was thankful when a jammer gifted me a purple and a pink non rare jamaaliday bow afterwards. I was playing the forgotten desert with some random people, when we finally got the yellow gem. This was my first time playing the adventure, and was very surprised to get a black rhino helmet. I was obsessed with the adventure after this, and soon had a rare rhino helm, a viking helmet, 2 rare beards, a rare headdress, 2 pairs of rare gazelles, and a green short collar.
Then my friend was hacked. When I found out, I gifted her a rare beard, my rare headdress, and 1 pair of rare gazelles, to no avail - she was hacked once again shortly afterwards.  
Another time skip.
This would be the time period we would call "Forgotten Desert Frenzy." I was in Kimbara, aimlessly wandering, adventuring, and trading, when somebody offered an orange beard for my collar. I accepted. I then when to Brady Barr's lab soon afterward for some privacy, because some people were still amazed by orange beards. I traded the beard for peachy gazelle horns the day they came out - I had not checked the store. This was the day my friend was permanently banned, but Aj did unban her after some persuasion (she had been hacked again.). I checked the stores when I wanted to buy some necklaces for what we old jammers like to call "Fman Trolling." On the first page, there they were - gazelle horns.  I took up the Forgotten Desert again.
Let's timeskip again. This is still during the FDF - but in another smaller period I like to call the "Famous Jammer Den Period." My friend (the one who kept getting hacked) was with me in bepper's den This was before she was Kosho. We saw somebody advertising a giveaway, and we went to their den. I was tired of TT (Trust Trading) and didn't enter, but my friend accidently did and lost her rare claw machine. We were really angry by this time, and we made a fake account that we shared for "scamming."
Of course, we never did scam, because we knew how it felt, even though that was our original plan. Instead, we traded away our glitched nerd glasses (we had 2) and got a rare viking helm and an arctic hood. I asked her to let me keep the hood, since it was the color that had been scammed from me earlier. She took the viking helmet.
Let's timeskip to December 2014, when glitched yeti masks came out. I quickly realized they were glitched and bought 3. Then I went to someone's den - and I traded me neon bow for a red short collar, which I traded for my friend's blue short collar. Her collar got scammed, and she kept pestering me for mine (This is a different friend, who I do not know IRL and who is no longer my buddy on AJ.). I said no, and she emailed AJHQ. I emailed them soon afterward, and they replied saying "This is none of your buisness (I adlibbed this a bit.)." I replied angrily, and I believe the person was suspended for a day for "scamming," or at least threatening me.
Let's timeskip to today. I'm sick and tired of getting scammed. I'm probably never trading again. I'm making YouTube videos, and, of course, playing AJ. Let's just hope I don't get scammed again. 

Scammers are the worst. Some random jammer scammed my Rare Fox Hat for a FAKE BETA. I really .... it. :'((

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