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Who is the ??‪#‎King‬ oF battel???
just & vote for the ‪#‎Xtylish_Boy‬ A and B?
A- or B
Plea$€ ❌don't use ‪#‎abuse‬ cmnt....
No ??‪#‎Extra‬ cmnt...
jus cmnt only one ☝ 😎
AND The winner Will be Announce in 24 hr.. ‪#‎plZZ‬ don't fight in cmnt bcz it's just a ‪#‎Game‬ {not a fight club}☝🏻🙏🏻 so vote your friend as many as you can... Next day upload hogi single pic winner ki 👑 send ur pic for battle of king 👑
so guys ru Intrsted in dat bettle send ur pic to the admin...
and plz guys dont copy right dis pattern..
make ur own creativity..
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