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Alright everyone. This is a community which you can RP freely. The rules are simple
Make a Profile
>>Profile Template<<
Age (optional)
Gender (optional)
Magic Type (Dragon Slayer, God Slayer, Devil Slayer etc)
Magic Element (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind etc)
Magic Explanations (optional)
Ultimate Move(optional)
You can use Magic that was in Fairy Tail or other Anime or else you can create your own magic like I have.
>>Number Of Profiles You Can Make<<
Up to 05
>>Ultimate Move<<
No-one can stop an Ultimate Move. Once they have been hit with an Ultimate Move, they can't get up/ lowers their life.
>>Guild Creation Template<<

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Just recognized that lately, people have been joining this community, but none of them roleplay. The hell is wrong with them?

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name Erik Fernandes
age 17
magic Re-equip and armored dragon sayer and fairy tail magic (like fairy law and fairy glitter and fairy sin and fairy sphere ect) and elemental magic
guild fairy tail

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name carmine
age 16
magic celestial card magic and fairy glitter
guild fairy tail

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Alright members, this community has fallen, but it has to rise up! So vote,
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Lets get this community back to life!
Build a new one,only accept the active

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Name: Vampire Princess Nusume Nuko Hyuji

Category: Pure blooded vampire

Age: 15,000

Powers: Ice, fire, vampire healing powers,vampire magic, ability to create portals, power of flight, power of demon forms and destruction powers

Weapons: Seraph blades and demon katana

Guild: None

Bio: Loves battles and winning em, would do anything to keep the people i love and care safe, doesnt trust people easily, but once trusted, doesnt expect disappointments. Dont really support, lame stuff, always goes with the best and gets everything that feels like wanting no matter what, hates cheaters, liars,and most of all heart breakers and people who poke their long pathatic nose into MY business....also,....very arrogant and stubborn....and some time harsh tampered.

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Name: Sasuke Uchiha
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Powers: lightning and fire
Bio: these eyes see darkness clearly...
Species: Mangekyou Sharingan and Amaterasu susano'o

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