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[AGENDA] Come and meet us tomorrow for Hubstone Causerie at Village by CA !

HUBSTONE, a team that brings a new point of view on real estate.

4 startups : Homepilot, Flat Looker, Homega and Inch will debate with Hubstone about :

« How do startups move the lines of rental management ? »

Information available here :

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How Can I Protect Myself?
There are two key things you can do to protect yourself from future attacks:
The most effective way to protect yourself from WannaCry – or any other type of ransomware – is to prepare ahead of time. Once your system is infected, there’s no realistic way to decrypt all of your data without paying the ransom – and even that’s no guarantee. After you’ve paid the ransom, you’re trusting the hackers to manually provide the decryption key, which can take days or even weeks (assuming they decide to provide it at all).

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Join our #tech #hiring #event in #Paris at #WeWork La Fayette
Employers are encouraged to connect and network with potential candidates, promote your brand & jobs opportunities.
All job seekers are encouraged to attend this free event to network, submit resumes, and connect with hiring managers.

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Why do I share this video interview?

It contains great insights about an API based SaaS from Europe, its difficulties and strategies. European (and US) founders can learn a lot.  

What is the key takeaway about SaaS growth for enterprise SaaS?

Nicolas and Arnbjörn talk about the market entry into the US and the challenges to market a product to developers.  

Why is it worth to watch?

Great insights from a successful European SaaS founder.

#IT #Cloud #Softwareasaservice #Europe 

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"On September 21 and 22nd 2016 there will be SaaS Stock 2016 in Dublin, a conference in Europe exclusively built around the topic SaaS - especially B2B SaaS and European SaaS startups - for the first time.
Iceventure will of course participate which for us seems to be "a must", especially since the list of speakers and participants already looks more than interesting. The agenda also has a number of promising topics."

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Hello Entrepreneurs,

Sorry for cold posting on this group but a year back I purchased a domain with the motive of helping Entrepreneurs. The concept was similar to which is under development. Due to lack of time I was unable to create a similar platform and hence I am here selling the domain.

Open to collaborating as well.

If anyone her can spare the time and help me develop and maintain the site you are more than welcome. is for Sale.

GoDaddy has appraised for a value $491-$1145.

Purchasing domain with similar keywords is an alternate way to reduce advertisement costs. This in turn would also reduce marketing costs, capitalizing on the local market looked upon for, giving your firm an upper hand when it comes to local authority.

Hurry!!! Before your rival out bids you !!!

Happy Bidding

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85% of people are more likely to buy your products or hire your services after watching an accompanying explainer video. Let us explain your brand story in a simple & engaging way through an eye catching explainer video. Visit us at

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Today I do not share an articel (but you will also find many on SaaS) on the page, but the upcoming Software as a Service business model training.

As SaaS growth more and more people form the IT industry want to understand in detail how the business side of SaaS works. Also employees should know all the details of the subscription model as success in SaaS dpends on many individual factors.

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An interesting article about the possibility to increase the LTV 30fold by adding a feature layer to self-service SaaS startups

Why do I share this article?

It contains a stimulating approach to improve economics in the lower market end of SaaS touching a topic around Dropbox and Wunderlist often overlooked

What is the key takeaway about SaaS growth for enterprise SaaS?

1) 2C SaaS is hard (even harder) than 2B SaaS 2) if you get the features right to gain traction in the 2B market. Nevertheless, team features are way more difficult than it results from the post.  

Why is it worth to read?

Good approach to drastically improve economics of your SaaS startup with a feature layer 

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Video Marketing or Visual Marketing is the hottest marketing strategy at this moment and it is here to stay and flourish even more with time. Read what the upcoming trends in Video Marketing are:
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