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I am Tamara!

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"Who I want to be"
Jenna Hamilton
I've been struggling to think of what to say, so I stopped thinking.
I was convinced,I didn't who I wanted to be.
Then I realised the answer was all around me.
I want to be someone who is willing to forgive.
cue Jenna's parents on the couch
I wanna be someone that cares more about others than themselves.
cue Valerie in her office
I wanna be someone who can tell it like it is.
cue Sadie on Austin's lap laughing
I wanna be someone who would give up everything for the right reason.
cue Ming dancing with Fred
I wanna be someone who sees the best in everyone.
cue Jake dancing
I wanna be someone who is a true friend.
cue Tamara laughing
I wanna be someone who always tries to be a better person.
cue Matty dancing
And someone who learns from their mistakes.
cue Mr.Hart smiling and reading her paper
I guess I just wanna be someone who encompasses all those things so I can finally be that girl who doesn't need a boy to be happy.
cue Jenna smiling
Because I'll know how to dance, all on my own.
cue Jenna dancing on her own

This is the beat ending to any awkward. Episode I've ever seen...

Okay so who are gonna be Jake , Jenna , Matty , Lissa and Sadie
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