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Setsuna leaned against the window in Violet's apartment and stared closely at the windows of the neighboring apartment buildings with a bit of dread and anxiety in her eyes
"What is this...feeling in my chest? heart... it's feeling's almost unbearable."
She had been staring out of the window for a few hours now and over time her posture had gotten a bit weak over time as her body seemed to slump over
'Violet will worry about my's just how she my's what I expect...but I don't know how long I can pretend I am not in pain...'
At that moment a sharp pain coursed through her body
She fell to her knees then struggled to stand once more
'It...has begun'

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sits at the docks resting and relaxing when someone walks up to me and says...

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Setsuna sits perched on the fire escape of Violet's apartment "Every night you come to this very spot just to antagonize me. You think your better than me?.................................well your not!! You're nothing but a caged beast trapped within walls of your own insecurity and you think you can just come out here and look at me like I'm some sort of lower life form!? That's it! one day you will meet your inevitable end and cower in fear as I show you true extent of my power what do you have to say about that!? A fat cat stares at her from a window across from the fire escape it's only response is a loud lazy "mow" "you think this is a game!!??" Setsuna practically hisses back at the cat before walking back into the apartment "Violet...are you hungry at all?"

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Name: momoe Nyx
Age: ((((appearance wise 19)))))real ageUnknown but should be over 100 years old or more he once knew but after years he just stopped counting
Parents: Nyx the goddess of all things dark and night
Skills: he's skilled in the work of arts and baking sweets
Special Abilities (max 2): he is able to travel through other dimensions and worlds associated with darkness and night giving him great power in which he wields to attack others. he can also like his mother use his voice in powerful manners wether it be singing or just speaking to his enemy he can do great damage to them
weaknesses (must be at least 1): he doesn't talk much because of the effect his voice has on people. When he battle he doesn't use his voice unless it's the last choice because it hurts him more then the enemy cause him after he's done with his song to cough up a large amount of blood and collapse.
Weapon: a scythe given to him by his brother Thanatos
Secondary Weapon: daggers that he can use along with the darkness surrounding him to mold them into something more sinister
Personality: momoe is a lonely character and is quiet and docile around others he tends to like to stay in the shadows a lot to watch others because he has a hard time understanding emotions so he acts like the people around him emotionally so he always wears a mask .
Favorite type of food: chocolate and all things sweet

Bio: (optional ^_^)

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Asru sat at the dock with his feet in the water and his by his side peacefully drip, drip, drop he whispered as he watched the water ripple before settling down as he moved his feet slowly he laid back and watched the moon and stars waiting for the sun to come up he would rather sleep out here then in one of the cabins alone
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"They say roses are the most beautiful flower that can ever rise from the dirt of the earth...but I favor the bountiful's petals are soft and elegant...yet they are weak and easy to tear...much like you my dear...dear Ace..."

Within the cold silent night the cold voice of Satsuna rings through the air

"This is a bit awkward is it not? A rose and lily in one room...yet they are the same color"

Her voice seems to be nothing but a dream to Violet... an enigma... but as time flows the voice becomes more of a reality rather than something out of a dream...her voice speaks with passion as she continues to speak to Violet

"As I watch you sleep...I feel comforted by the thought that my long search has come to an end"

Yes the voice was real...perhaps she was outside and Violet forgot to close the window to her apartment

"When your eyes open...they will cross with my own and then I will know...the question that has driven me this far"

The voice was much too calm to be heard from outside perhaps she was at the window

"The question that has remained unanswered for the majority of my life...will I know the answer?"

At this point Violet would be able to feel the odd tingle of her was close... in fact what felt like nothing but a small breeze earlier now felt like the heat of someone's own breath gently blowing against Violet's own skin

It was then apparent Satsuna's face was mere inches from Violet's

"Are you my destiny?..."

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Name: a̫s̫r̫u̫
Age:u̫n̫k̫n̫o̫w̫n̫ b̫u̫t̫ v̫e̫r̫y̫ o̫l̫d̫
Parents: d̫o̫e̫s̫n̫t̫ h̫a̫v̫e̫ a̫n̫y̫ h̫e̫ w̫a̫s̫ m̫a̫d̫e̫ b̫y̫ t̫h̫e̫ g̫o̫d̫s̫ o̫u̫t̫ o̫f̫ t̫h̫e̫e̫ c̫o̫r̫e̫ o̫f̫ o̫t̫h̫e̫r̫ g̫o̫d̫s̫ a̫n̫d̫ g̫o̫d̫d̫e̫s̫s̫
Skills: h̫e̫ i̫s̫ v̫e̫r̫y̫ s̫k̫i̫l̫l̫e̫d̫ i̫n̫ s̫w̫o̫r̫d̫s̫m̫a̫n̫s̫h̫i̫p̫ a̫n̫d̫ c̫l̫e̫a̫n̫i̫n̫g̫.
Special Abilities (max 2): c̫a̫n̫ c̫o̫n̫t̫r̫o̫l̫ t̫h̫e̫ w̫e̫a̫t̫h̫e̫r̫ a̫n̫d̫ c̫a̫n̫ c̫o̫n̫t̫r̫o̫l̫ t̫h̫e̫ e̫l̫e̫m̫e̫n̫t̫s̫
weaknesses (must be at least 1): h̫i̫s̫ b̫o̫d̫y̫ t̫e̫n̫d̫s̫ t̫o̫ e̫i̫t̫h̫e̫r̫ o̫v̫e̫r̫ h̫e̫a̫t̫ o̫r̫ g̫e̫t̫ t̫o̫ c̫o̫l̫d̫ w̫h̫e̫n̫ h̫e̫ u̫s̫e̫s̫ a̫ c̫e̫r̫t̫a̫i̫n̫ a̫b̫i̫l̫i̫t̫y̫ m̫a̫k̫i̫n̫g̫ h̫i̫m̫ v̫e̫r̫y̫ o̫p̫e̫n̫ f̫o̫r̫ a̫t̫t̫a̫c̫k̫s̫ a̫s̫ h̫e̫ t̫r̫i̫e̫s̫ t̫o̫ c̫o̫o̫l̫ h̫i̫m̫s̫e̫l̫f̫ d̫o̫w̫n̫ o̫r̫ w̫a̫r̫m̫ h̫i̫m̫s̫e̫l̫f̫ u̫p̫. h̫e̫ t̫e̫n̫d̫s̫ t̫o̫ h̫a̫v̫e̫ a̫ h̫a̫r̫d̫ t̫i̫m̫e̫ m̫a̫i̫n̫t̫a̫i̫n̫g̫ a̫ h̫e̫a̫l̫t̫y̫ b̫o̫d̫y̫ t̫e̫m̫p̫u̫t̫u̫r̫e̫
Secondary Weapon: s̫w̫o̫r̫d̫s̫
Personality: a̫ s̫h̫y̫ p̫e̫r̫s̫o̫n̫ w̫h̫o̫ d̫o̫e̫s̫n̫t̫ k̫n̫o̫w̫ t̫h̫e̫ j̫o̫y̫s̫ o̫f̫ l̫i̫f̫e̫ s̫o̫ h̫e̫ i̫s̫ d̫e̫p̫r̫e̫s̫s̫e̫d̫ a̫l̫o̫t̫ o̫f̫ t̫h̫e̫ t̫i̫m̫e̫s̫
Favorite type of food:h̫e̫ l̫o̫v̫e̫s̫ t̫e̫a̫ a̫n̫d̫ c̫o̫o̫k̫i̫e̫s̫

Bio: (optional ^_^)
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