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Tyrone's new bad ass look 😎

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like: training,relaxing,being lazy,meeting new friends and allys,LOVES donuts,meeting strong opponents

Dislikes:annoying people,does NOT like others taking my donuts with permission,people hurting my friends

abilities: make any part of my body into metal,ki control,super strength and speed,teleportation,flight,ring on tail can give me a energy boost,make portals,teleportation

weopon: sword(black blade sword aka soul shatter and my sword dragon breath),and anything i can get my hands on


element form/item:fire:baserk mode,igneel burst:item:dragon breath blade:wind: 100% max break:item:none

[I havent made a picture of that form but will make it tomorrow]

forms:ring boost,ring over drive,igneel boost,shadow aikon,super,super form 3,azure form(aka super form blue)
[azure form is like ssgss it has some god ki but also unknown energy]
~will update forms soon~

Bio:(my original bio is waay to long so imma just make it a ling story short )im from mobius but not this mobius it's kinda hard to explain basically my universe and mobius got mixed up and became one with this mobius i didnt really mind i thought stuff was pretty much the same for me i still meet other opponents i still can be as lazy as much as i like once in awhile somthing real fun happens and im always ready to see what challenges come my way

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Is training with robots at there max level

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Name scarlet rose
Age 17
Gender female
Species: cat
Powers: Fire
Likes: music roses and drawling

Hi guys i have my SSS SHOW and i need a hedgehog with metal powers...the first one will comment to join will join

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its not all tht this is my progress

Liana: look at the room hmm kinda like this room

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Liana new bio

Name: liana

Specie: snow hedgelynxs, half darklynxs, half demonlynxs

Age: 19

Relationship: single

Like: friends and family, ice cream, chocolate, apple, tailsdoll, sonic.exe,animatronic, demons (scary thing :3), chibi, kitten, puppy, kawaii(cuteness), mephiles (begin a fan X3), killing, soul, weapon

Dislike: lies, losing friends and family, get hurtful feeling, get depresion in me, bully me, somebody begin jerk to my friend and family, went someone is spying on me, Rikky, get capture

Powers: darkness, dark magic, ice, demon, star, travel dimesion, travel throug time, healing power

Weapon: dark star sword, gun

Personality: evil, good, dangeors, begin nice, get insane, get sad easly, sometime worry, angry, killer, bit serious, begin cute and kawaii​

Weakness: fire and light

Bio: soon

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Leo the dragon wolf
Powers:immortality first of the dragon wolfs
Bio:extinction of my race was horrible
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can i have help with something +Shilv_Gaming The Shilvaneonwolf?
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