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Name: Jynx

Age: 48 (looks 17)

Gender: Female

Species: Dream demon/human hybrid

Powers: Teleportation, making things appearing out of no where, flight, powers if the fire element, invisibility, shape shift

Skills: Singing, dancing, drawing

Family: Died when she was young

Ect: Jynx was issued to the asylum by her brother. Her powers had been drained for the most part.

Personality: Awkward at first, sarcastic, protective, bluntly honest, dirty minded

Anyone still here who wants to rp?

Anyone want to rp?? I don't know if this one is even alive anymore.

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Name: Fallen

age: 119

Gemder: Female

Species: Fallen Angle

powers: contol the darkness, summon her weapon, and rule the angles.

skills: she is very good at a sword, she can fight, and she was tought to lead the angles into war and protect people in the darkness. But also she can sing and sound like a sirien call.

Family: killed years ago the angles are her only family now.

Ect: Sings in a band or did to help those who are fallen, she works behind the angles back to do that. She keeps her family and life and her feeling hidden away.

personality: She can be cold, but she is kind, protective of her subjects she would die for anyone that was in danger. She as dreams of her family dying sometimes she won't sleep for days on end. She hides everything that she cares about she won't amint anything to anyone.
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In fallen's dream she saw her family heard them screaming she felt chains on her wrist. She struggled to get back to her family and save them. she started to scream. "HELP SOMEONE HELP ME FALLEN ANGLES ITS ME YOUR LEADER" she started to cry.

((Anyone want to rp?))


((Anyone want to rp?))

someone remind me to make a profile for this please and thank you. 

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