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We’ve released Truecaller Chat, our new instant messaging platform for you to help Beta test version 10.0.7!

Note: Chat requires your friends to have the beta as well, so invite them with this link:

* Report fake links to help the Truecaller Community avoid fake news or scams
* Switch between SMS and free Chat
* Full media support
* New conversation design

Please share your feedback and bug finds!

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I can't updated the latest version plz give me link or help me...

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Truecaller update required while i installed latest version

Awesome app!

يوجد صعوبي في وصل الرمز

Anybody having issues using truecaller messenger emojis? They won't work for me with android phone.

I am not getting call for confirmation

Hello! I have a problem and i don't know if it's just me or someone else has/had this problem too.

I started to use this app when i had an iPhone, it was pretty nice and I've never been disappointed with the app until now, now I have an Huawei and every time I want to login the app automatically pops out and I don't understand why and I don't know what to do, I even downloaded the beta version and it's still the same and I'm so sad about it cause this app it's pretty cool:(

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