Hi i just got the latest update and now i have ads but I have a paid subscription what do i do?

i invited my frnd to Truecaller.He installed and signed in but i didn't get the free upgrade.

It would be better if you can put a favorite list in true massenger so I can send chat immediately. Thanks

Stock video calling shouldn't have been directly replaced by Google duo, instead there must be a choice for the users to opt for either of the two

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Hi I can't find the correct lociaction of the incoming r search what I have to check it showing a same lociaction in a map pls check it and give proper lociaction it's easy to find our friends.

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Cada vez que se va a realizar una llamada hay que activar llamada más de 3 veces, algunas otras cuando intenta llamar se sale la aplicación y vuelve a los contactos. Otra cosa es que cuando tratas de ver un contacto en el historial de llamadas y vas aplicar llamada no activa esperando la publicidad y hace rentalizar la aplicación, la propaganda excesiva no hace que la aplicación se active de forma adecuada

Lovely apps Numbur one

I have left beta program in play store by mistaken. It says beta program is full. Can I become a beta tester again??
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