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This is a RPG group, as in roleplaying games. This means that posts here should be RPG related.

While it's understandable that some like to share ads for themed clothing, wildly speculative fan-theories on the future (or the demise) of the Star Wars franchise, nonsensical links to questionable lore-speculation confirmed or not by some rumours they like, and silly memes. This is usually considered spam. Spam is removed and reported.

But, if you have speculative theories or a creative brainfart on some lore issues, make them relevant for the Star Wars roleplaying experience.

Best wishes, good gaming, and may the Force be with you.

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Season finale of "GEGG Wars" GMed & played by the cast of Star Wars Rebels.
#StarWars #EdgeoftheEmpire actual play video! Season finale! With Sam Witwer as the GM! And Freddie Prinze Jr. Vanessa Marshall, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Taylor Gray and Steve Blum as everyone else!

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Since FFG is releasing this, I'm going to say it's appropriate for this group!

Has anyone run a game where the party is made of Imperials?

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A broken Padawan whose only remaining comfort is breaking others in turn. A star of the academy, now an agent of the Imperial Security Bureau tasked with rooting out traitors and subversives. A pirate with a blaster to the back of his head, forced to serve at the Emperor’s pleasure. An old soldier who should’ve been put out to pasture, but has clung to service for a sense of belonging. We may have seen the Dawn of Rebellion, but light still shines on the Galactic Empire. This visit to the galaxy far far away is going to use the first FFG Star Wars Era Sourcebook to take us for a walk on the Dark Side!

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Actual play report!
LATE BLOG POST: Actual play report of my running a public game of FFG's Star Wars RPG with students from a neighboring university during an exhibition there.

I've been slowly amassing the books for a while now but haven't had the chance to play yet.
Something I'm curious about is how well the game holds up after advancement. In other words is the system designed more favorably to shorter campaigns, or will it hold up for a long duration campaign where the characters are able to continually advance.
I have a storyline I want to run that will probably take longer than a year of regular play and I'm just wondering how well the game will hold up to that type of play.

My "Edge of the Republic" campaign is currently on hiatus, but I am hoping to start it up again soon. Hopefully in one to two months.

When we had left off the players had arrived to rendevous with a Hutt fleet only to learn it was under attack by the pirates they were supposed to fight alongside the Hutt fleet. So the PCs were just about to intercept a bombing run on one of Hutt vessels when we had to stop.

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They may join up in a cantina because they’re desperate. They might not have started off as friends. Some of them fought on different sides of a war. Some might have had to take a (more literal than usual) leap of faith. Adventuring crews often start off as a ragtag bunch of misfits, and in some ways that may never change . . . but over time all the good ones come together to become something more. As our tale of the crew of the Lost and Found comes to a close, the various members notice something going on with their Captain, head to the planet of Centares, and offer some new people a home among the stars. If you haven’t listened to Season 4 of Dice for Brains, now’s the time . . .

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Sometimes it’s the last ones to arrive that end up being the secret sauce that make an adventuring party, and even a campaign, fully coalesce into something truly memorable. It was that way with White Coat and High Impact Heroics, it was that way with first Caleb and Patience and then the Alliance troops aboard the Borrowed Time, and so it was with the crew of the Lost and Found. The Dice for Brains Season 4 Pregame crew was coming together pretty solidly as a band of ne’er-do-wells, but even with Zaja they might not have turned out as friendly without the help of their final member, who certainly made an interesting first impression (on the hull) . . .
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