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Kumagawa Misogi, went to far, way to far, we don't know why he's doing, or what are his motive, we only knew that how it begin, when his insanity broke and all hell went loose, first, he killed his family, and burn his house down, after that, he began his hunting, first, he killed all the bad guys in his world, to simple theifs to people who wanted to start a world war, after that, he hunted for humans, genders and age a like, no one escape his carnage, this mange to get the attention from people with special abilities, the Special, the Abnormal, the Minus, and the Skills User's, they all decided to set aside there differences and team up to stop this monster...but...Kumagawa wanted this, when they found him, they all use their power to try to kill him, Martial Arts, Weapons, Magic, Elements, Cosmic, even abilities to alter/make/and erase didn't work, they all wound up dead, after Kumagawa bathed in the blood of his opponents, he went away, to fine the last people to kill, which were the main character of his anime/manga, Medaka Kurokami, she didn't put up a fight, because she had no reason to live, everyone she knew and love, died, she just sat on her knees with her head lower, tears in her eyes, Kumagawa smile insanely, a moment later, he walked away, with his last victim head on the ground and away from her body, later, Kumagawa goes to a broken down house, and was inside, looking for something, which was a door, he smile grew bigger, he open the door, and we saw other worlds, from anime, cartoons, comics, and, our world
「This will be a beautiful beginning...To our end」
he went in and close the door, and was now...coming to your world
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Name:Rin Okumura
Race: human/demon

Hair color:blue
Eye color:blue
Style:he wears his school uniform

Personality:Rin is can be childish and very immature but deep down Rin is very kind hearted
Likes: cooking, taken naps
Dislikes: bullies

Relationship: single but open
Weapon/powers:the kurikara sword and the flames of Satan

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Should I change to Alucard or stay as Kumagawa?
This poll is not available.

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Alucard: I finally found you, Kumagawa Misogi. points his guns at him

Kumagawa: 「I finally found a worthy opponent」 had two big screws in his hands, the two just stare at each othere, ready to see who will make the first move first
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~ Don't cry ... I will make it fast and painless. Or at least I try.

~ Don't be afraid of the shadows and the darkness ... be afraid of the ones that hide there and wait for the perfect moment.



1.273 years


Human [actually Cyborg]

Fraction ? Is that a joke ? I'm a bounty hunter, I kill everyone for everyone when the reward is good enough.

》"Fate of the Death:
==>His Sniper-Rifle. Increased with his Ability. Has a range of around 10km and an impact strong enough to let an elephant fly some meters. Has also a special ammunition for it: bullets that create on impact small blackholes, but he uses them with caution.
》Beretta M92 which he also improved with his Ability.
==>His dagger, also improved. Was originally a holy weapon so he can switch between the holy-mode and the "normal" mode. Both are deadly. Can also change the form between a dagger and a huge sword, but he prefers the dagger because he fights a lot faster and better with a dagger. Is also good with a sword but would lose with the sword against someone who fights with a sword as primary weapon. Instead he is an extreme good dagger-style fighter.
[》Increased//Improved Body with very modern technic. Stronger bones/muscles, better reflexes, doesn't really need his organs to life since he's more like a robot.]
》Clones of himself which are high-tech robots. Look, smell,speak the same as him. Are also good in combat but not as good as the real. Has also little surprises inside them. Explosive surprises.

World of Weapons:
 Creating weapons or manipulate them to make them stronger. Mostly guns, but also melee weapons like knifes, daggers or swords. They are neither holy nor demonic but pretty effective to both sides but not as good as pure holy or demonic weapons to demonic or holy enemies.
 Skill that allows him to hide himself pretty good, works extreme good in the forest; in cities not really good.
 Increases his speed up to Mach 30.
 Makes his skin harder, like an armor. Protects him good from physical attacks, but is only as half as effective against magical attacks. Also hardens his bones.
 Can create an energy shield with a small shieldgenerator that protects him from magical attacks. Also from physical attacks but that isn't very effective because of the impact.
 Heals his wounds, even broken bones but it needs a time.
Eye of the Sniper:
 A passive ability which is connected to his cyber body and his Sniper. It allows him aiming with his Sniper without even looking at the target with his eyes.
Increased strength:
 As it says he is way stronger than normal humans. It's a passive and active ability. Only passive he is able to lift a weight up to 5.000Kg, active up to 60.000Kg
Advanced Reflexes:
 Also a passive Ability. It improves his senses and reflexes by a lot.
 An active Ability. When it's activated he can mark his target or can search it easier. It also is a scanner with a total range of 13m in which he knows when someone/something enters or leaves. Very usefull when he is aiming at someone, so he doesn't need to worry about the area around him. Sort of useless when is enemy uses Teleportation, he then just know where he is when he arrives. Also doesn't work good when there are too many movenents.

Who's Kumagawa ? An enemy ? An ally ? A brat ? Why should someone notice me I don't even know ? Is that a fun-question ? Is that something like this stupid 'notice me senpai' ?

His mother died shortly after his birth so he doesn't really know anything about her. Had only his father and his two older brothers. His father was in the great Forzarian Army and there a pretty high ranked military member. He decided also to join the army as soldier, as an elite soldier, a Sniper or Assassin to take out important enemies without much soldiers.
In the Forzarian Army his body got improved with different gadgets/technologies. They also stopped him from aging.
After the Forzarian Alliance was destroyed he became a bounty hunter/assassin to earn money. Is wanted on several planets for his criminal activities there because of his bounties [he mostly has important targets].
He did that bounty hunter-things a very long time as a job but does it now as a hobby ... a hobby which he only does if he needs money.
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(Open RP for anyone who wants to fight)

Kumagawa stand in the middle of a classroom and look at his handy work
[Kid's these day's, always want revenge for me killing there parent's]smile and walk outside the highschool and decided to go home [that was fun~]while walking home, you...

+Kumagawa Misogi
stays close to you as you go to the cafe to read

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[Am I cute enough for Anshin'in-san?]
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