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1. Death is true.

2. Teigu's and Shingu are capable of breaking, however it is difficult. Full body armor Teigu's can break if their weak spot is struck repeatedly.

3. Teigu's that can alter Reality will be banned. Time based Teigu must be limited and used for supplementary purposes.

4. When a member of any faction dies, it is up to the leader to recruit another member. 

5. Be Descriptive and keep IC and OOC separate. 

6. No Canon Character or their Teigu is allowed. This is Strictly OC.

7. A moderator has the right to revoke an approval if they find something wrong with a profile.

8. If any Teigu is OP during the check and approve or deny process, that person will be asked to remake a more suitable teigu. If their teigu, for the second time, is still over the top, they cannot start out with a Teigu. 

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"Don't worry, Dear! This will only sting for a second!"

"Lord, I pray for the day when I have a "normal" patient..."

Name: Euryale Pipaluk

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Height: 5"4

Weight: 136 lbs

Faction: Unaffiliated

Physical Capabilities: Euryale doesn't seem to possess and defining physical abilities other than her staggering agility in and out of combat that allows her to flip, slide and dash her way past most obstacles with surprising ease. She's also quite light on her feet, making her an effective spy as well.

Teigu Name: Panacea's Fang

Teigu Type: Supplementary

Teigu Special Ability: Panacea's Fang, which takes on the appearance of an oversized syringe, has the ability to "heal" people by absorbing their injuries via stabbing the needle into the wound and then pulling the plunger up slowly at the 1st marked stopping point. Over time, the barrel of the Syringe is filled with a glowing, dark-red liquid resembling blood that Euryale describes as being "Liquid Pain." This strange liquid will continue to fill the barrel of the Syringe until it has been completely filled up. Then, and only then, the Syringe can only be emptied via pushing the plunger down to fire out globs of this "Pain" at others. The effects of the liquid shot from the Syringe causes people to suffer from intense amounts of pain relative to how much the original wound was causing the person she absorbed the injury from.

Despite this Teigu's power, it has many weaknesses. The biggest one being that it cannot heal severed limbs or body parts, only wounds like gunshots, stabbing, blunt force and slashes. Another weakness is that it's not inherently a weapon used to hurt others, being more for healing other rather than doing actual damage. It's also surprisingly frail around the barrel, which is only about as strong as bulletproof glass.

Teigu Trump-Card: Force Vain: Panacea's Trump-Card, which can only be used when the barrel is filled to the point of bursting, allows the user to fire off all the Pain collected from every previously collected wound in a large, continuous stream-like blast that completely overwhelms anyone caught inside with an unholy amount of pain that can cause even Danger Beasts to double over and roll around like injured puppies.

Biography: To be revealed through RP

Personality: Too lazy to do this right now XD
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Would restoration/corrosion be acceptable for a Teigu ability? 

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(So I used to do this a lot but it has been quite some time since the last time since I role played or made a character sheet for that matter. So if there are any concerns at all please feel free to let me know what they are and how you would like them to be addressed and I will be more than happy to tend to them at once. ^^)

"You have lovely eyes it's a shame they are wasted on those who don't appreciate them".

"The canvas is the ground upon which we walk and I am glad you happened to be here because I seem to have run out of paint".

Name: Liliana
(or Lily to those she likes)

Age: 19

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Weight: 145 lb

Height: 5'6

Faction: Currently a member of the Wild Hunt faction
Formerly a member of the Elite Seven

Physical Capabilities: Liliana may look frail and some may even go so far as to say she looks harmless she is capable of packing quite a punch. Easily able to lift a seemingly super human amount for someone of her size and age and able to move with such grace at speeds that could only be described as terrifying. Not only that but she has exceptionally keen senses of sight and sound on top of having honed her other senses out of need in order to survive this long. Though no one would ever expect this with the way she comes off to those she encounters.

Teigu Name: Reflective Transcendence
( Referred to as Hansha chōetsu by Liliana)

Teigu Type: Biological

Teigu Core Location: The center of the Teigus torso, thought it is relatively small.

Teigu Special Ability: (ok so work with me here this is gonna be a mouthful)

The abilities of this Teigu have rarely been displayed to others and when they have been displayed those who have witnessed it have been in a sense silenced. So information on it in RP wouldn't be highly available at the moment.

Seeming to posses it's own thoughts and personality the Reflective Transcendence or Hansha appears as a white cat like creature with blue markings on it when it is in what you could consider it's "sealed " state (granted it still does things in this state). While in this state it is capable of using reflective objects as a means of transporting itself and it's wielder from one place to another in a moments notice. The range on this means of this transportation is 50 kilometers on it's own and 29 kilometers when the wielder is also being transported. While transferring from one reflective object to another neither of them can interact with the tangible plan of existence most things exist upon. It also has the ability to share it's sight, hearing and sense of smell with it's wielder and can allow it's wielder to speak threw it. Not only that but shares a form of mental like that allows it to receive orders from thought alone.

When this particular Teigu becomes activated it changes to a human like appearance, having mid length silver hair and slim figure, seeming like anyone else save for the addition of an extra pair of ears and a tail. When in this state it retains all the abilities of the previous form but posses heightened combat capabilities close to that of a member of the Four Rakshasa Demons. Thought connected to the thoughts and emotions of it's wielder so closely if it's wielders emotions become extremely heightened this form of the Teigu may begin to take on more beast like traits thought not losing the humanoid body type. It also posses a few unique traits such as a pair of retractable claws and fangs that causes all of ones senses to go utterly ballistic when they come in contact with ones skin or really any organic material of the beings with a direct attachment to them. This spreads threw the body in mere seconds and can last anywhere from a few seconds to a few weeks depending upon the level of exposure to the individual. This effect has also been noted to work on other biological Teigus. While in this form both it and it's wield are shrouded in a defensive aura who's hue, saturation, as well as strength and versatility variety on the emotional state and level of control of the host at the time though these are not defined restrictions they can be heightened with training and experience. Both the Teigu and the wielder posses their own aura and can manipulate it for such things as a dispersal pulse to counteract ranged attacks and deflecting or holding at bay physical ones. It may also be used as a means of creating a barrier type shield as a defensive measure. Those are the current extents of it's use for the wielder but the Teigu is capable of creating limited projectiles from it's own aura when doing so it causes the defensive aura covering itself to weaken momentarily. It also is able to reconnect lost limbs that may become severed with ease thought if the limb is entirely lost it may take hours or even days to fully restore it self to the state it once was.

Teigu Trump Card: Ten no karamiai
(I would prefer to tell a moderator or the owner this privately but If preferred I am fully willing to post it here ^^)

Biography: At the young age of four her village had been laid waste to by an exceptionally powerful danger beast. She was out playing in the woods while this occurred and when she returned the place she had once called her how was now nothing more than a desolate blood soaked stain on the plains surrounding it. Days latter she was found by a group passing threw the area and without knowing what she was getting into willingly went with them. Shortly after was chosen to be trained as a member of the Elite Seven going threw rigorous training with little time to think of the life she once lived and the village that was once her entire world. With the passage of time those memories turned to nothing more than dust in the wind. At the age of 15 she determined that she was done playing the part of a caged bird and waited until night fall and slaughtered the guards that stood between her and the world she decided she belonged it. Though strangely the eyes of those whose lives she had ended were never found. Not long after that she ran across what seemed to be nothing more than an odd little cat like creature and decided that it would be her new companion as she flew threw the world only previously observed threw the space between the bars of her cage completely unaware of it being a Teigu at that time. Since then all reports of her are nothing more than rumors or unexplained blood shed with the victims missing their eyes. Recently she has decided to join the Wild Hunt faction for reasons unknown.

Personality: Liliana comes off as a cheerful fun loving and down right innocent soul. Generally keeping a calm but energetically joyful personality to those she encounters there have been times where glimpses of a darker possibly even sadistic side. Thought she would never acknowledge that. Those times may help explain why she always seems to carry an unexplained intimidating almost commanding aura of sorts that always seemed to inspire fear and obedience from those around her.
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So no more freely manipulated element Teigu's and no more Armor Teigu's. Those two seem to be the most common and frequently turned to teigu's. There's like one Supp. Teigu, and like 3-4 actual weapon Teigu, 0 Biological Teigu.

Oh my..

The morning in the Vast Wasteland seemed rather.. unusual today, a far calmer and laxed surrounding than usual, it was unexpected, it was quite.. a humid morning but yet mixed together with a soft,suttle with a small hint of a whisper-like wind that carried on the breeze flowing freely within the tides of time, the pond was clear as multiple Koi fish swam about gracefully seemingly floating in the gentle waters, a lone pink leave broke away from the branch that held it, as if it were dancing, the lone petal found its way onto the surface of the pond creating multiple ring ripples that waved slowly across the surface breaking the stillness and tranquility of the Koi fish sending them scurrying about throughout the pond submerging themselves deeper until they were no longer in sight, the wind shifts too the north as Yamikaji is seen sitting on a fair sized boulder, multiple strands of his long vermillion hair carried in the tender breeze of the morning as a few strands find their way flowing across his face, taking his arm away from his lap he raises it upward making his hand grab the strands that abstracted his vision placing it behind his ear with a light brush back, his white kimono and purple floral print waistliner glistened brightly in the rays of the suns warm beams, his vermillion and yellow eyes made even tulips jealous with envy, while his devilish horns complimented his beautiful face causing even the most beautiful flower too crave his beauty, it was no surprise he always visited this particular spot, he feels.. at peace with himself, also with the world around him, funny, this was almost enough too make him forget about the Empire, the Revolutionary Army, and the war that raged in every know territory, but he is no hypocrite, he too wanted too bring true peace but not in the ways like ordinary humans, he leaned his back against the bark of a cherry blossom tree while perals danced around him, lifting his head towards the wide open sky he lightly smiles, having fond memories of Organic Teigus he once called friends, crossing his leg over the other placing both hand on his lap resting them, he closes his eyes still smiling but this time, envisioning true peace


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"When I'm with my friends nothing can stop me"

Name: Alex Same

Race: human

Age: 21

Gender: male

Weight: 231 lbs

Height: 6'2

Emperial Navy:
Rank: Admiral

Physical Capabilities:
Enhanced strength
Expert hand to hand
Expert swordsman

Teigu Special Ability:
Armor type

Grand Crusher: the user jumps high into the air before being launching back at the ground at high speeds, if it hits the ground it will cause massive shock waves, if it hits a body without a strong enough defense, splat

Shield of the Anointed: it forms a shield around the user and those close to them that defends against elemental and physical attacks

Teigu Trump Card
classified will explain in rp

Vulnerable point: the small point of the back

Biography: can be asked through rp

Personality: calm, collected (outside of battle, when in public or in front of his superiors)) fun loving, goofball ((when just with his fellow team members), ferocious, bloodthirsty (when in combat)
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”Money, money, money, Mooonaaay. MOOOooonaaay.”

||Connor sung the famous tune from the well known song to himself as he strolled casually out of a large, well known mansion belonging to a high ranked military official. The famous, ever charming smirk pulling at the corner of his lips as he tightened the black, blood stained, gloves that covered his hands… Behind him, the door to the mansion was barely hanging onto the hinges. Though it was open enough to reveal glimpses the horrific scene that lay inside||
||Blood stained nearly every inch of the expensive interior, dripping from the walls and ceiling to fall over the detached limbs and shredded bodies of bodyguards, servants, the occupants of the house alike. The group obviously never stood a chance.||
||Connor never once looked back. Why would he? He had a paycheck to look forward to, as he imagined what he would spend this check on..or if he would spend it at all...his train of thought was interrupted by an unexpected guest.||
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