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XF-CC is a dual-faction group of self-accountable advocates for fair and fun Ingress.

OUR MISSION: To promote positive Ingress interactions by cultivating fairness, respect, and honor in our local communities

- All fair opinions deserve a respectful audience.
- Don't cheat the system.
- Never breach an Agent's sovereignty.
- When in doubt, pursue AP.

WE STRIVE FOR open debate on social issues in the game. We ask the tough questions. We give full consideration to other's responses. We search for new ways to succeed in all areas of our agency. And most of all, we communicate our ideas, frustrations, flaws, and learnings.

OUR MEMBERS aren't perfect. But we all aim to amp up the fun of Ingress by:
- Playing with honor.
- Being the change we want to see in Ingress.
- Refraining from negative interactions.
- Remaining pleasant in COMM

YOU ARE WELCOME TO JOIN US! But please know that we are a publicly viewed community. By joining, you agree to have any of your posts publicly shared. We hope this will help reinforce our forum with logical and productive debate.

Keep it classy Agents! And welcome home.

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#FIFA20180614 #ingress #ingressTaiwan
#Enlightened #Resistance
#SitRep #fieldart

We made a field art in Kaohsiung city, Welcome 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia.
Who's gonna win?! Hope that team who supports can win the championship!


RES @abc1231qa +黃安德
RES @Alicewen
RES @MarkaFu
RES @makikohara +聖潔maki
RES @pital
RES @annacomic
RES @LancelotKaku +Kuo Lance
RES @AnonymousResSC
RES @Shutupthere
RES @shing2121
RES @nkitce
ENL @CookieKate
ENL @bearAD
ENL @zzowl
ENL @fish030
ENL @GeniusKiKi911

RES @BubblesDream +yoyo Huang

RES @Kezinyan +Kezin Yan

+Ingress Resistance Taiwan +NIA Ops +Niantic Project +Hilda Leung +Masashi Kawashima
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​20 Agents from Omsk, Russia decided to support flashmob #LongLiveTelegram and created this amazing fieldart of dragon with a logo of Telegram. The whole operation took them 14 hours. During the operation Agents visited around 200 Portals and created more than 100 fields. Check out the article in Russian for a closer look at the dragon's head with the Telegram logo and more insights.
Great job, Agents!

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Now uploaded the country flags.
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I did it 😊 😊 😊

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Operation The Days/The Nights◢◤

On the night between last friday 13th February and Valentine’s Day we have drawn this Cross Faction Field Art. It represents the Avicii Logo and it's inspired by two song by the new album of this great artist.
The Days:
The Nights:

We like to share the enthusiasm for this AR game so we hope new players will join it. And we love the XF Ops too... So play +Ingress together and have fun! :3

Thanks to all involved Agents:
@DorisCreations +Doris Faraone   RES
@grazmo +Massimo Graziani   RES 
@TheEgorosReturn +Andrea Iacocagni   ENL
@Theryon +Valerio D'Acilia   ENL 
@Nynua(me) +Arexim Nilti  ENL
@MaxStanG +Massimiliano Graziani  RES as Intel Operator

A special thx for the custom adhesive patches to @Doris

+Matilde Tusberti  +Anne Beuttenmüller  +Joe Philley +Brian Rose 

+Avicii  +AviciiOfficialVEVO +Robbie Williams  
#ingress #xf #ingressfieldart #carnival #vday #friday13 #secretparty #ingressrecruit #ingressforiphone    #avicii   #ino   #ingressismusic  
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* english version below *

Am vergangenen Samstag erschütterte ein Mann mit seiner irren Tat unsere Welt. Er raste mit einem Campingbus in eine Menschenmenge. In Münsters Guter Stube. Mitten rein in das Leben der Menschen, die einen bis dahin wunderschönen Frühlingstag genossen. Mitten in unsere Herzen.

Bei diesem Anschlag wurden mehr als 20 Menschen teils schwer verletzt. Zwei wurden getötet.

Einer unserer Agents hat an diesem Tag dort gearbeitet. Er ist unverletzt und es geht ihm “gut” - die schlimmen Bilder aber bleiben in seinem Kopf und in denen aller Anwesenden. Die Angehörigen der Toten werden für immer auf geliebte Menschen verzichten müssen.

Münster reagierte am Samstag besonnen und hilfsbereit: die Innenstadt war kurze Zeit nach dem Anschlag menschenleer - ohne Panik. Wir Ingress-Spieler einigten uns schnell, den Innenstadtbereich - #DarkXMCure hin oder her - nicht zu bespielen. Am Uniklinikum bildeten sich Menschenschlangen, die spontan Blut spenden wollten. So ist Münster: solidarisch und hilfsbereit.

In Zeiten wie diesen stehen wir zusammen und so wurde schnell klar, dass auch wir Agents etwas zusammen erschaffen wollten: Rund um die Münsteraner Innenstadt sollte ein XF-Herz entstehen - in der Mitte die Portale “Kiepenkerl” und “Kleiner Nikolaus”, die Orte des tragischen Geschehens vom Samstag. Schnell war ein Plan erstellt. Noch nie war es so leicht, Agents für eine Aktion zusammen zu trommeln. Überwältigende Zustimmung in beiden Fraktionen. Danke euch allen, egal, ob ihr heute dabei sein konntet oder die Aktion von außen begleitet und unterstützt habt.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness;
only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate;
only love can do that.
(Martin Luther King Jr.)

Unsere Gedanken sind bei den Angehörigen der Verletzten und Toten. 💚💙

Für die Enlightened & Resistance Münster

@axk23, @Brumsel, @CaptainChaosMS, @Cassiopeia42, @Datrin, @DJDilay, @djflanger, @Eifelyeti1, @Frachus, @Flow666, @Gauntlet77, @Hankie76, @HeavyPodda, @Lamid, @lopol, @KaiTheFishy, @KeeperBee, @khaus159, @khauswife159, @legendMaster, @lottikarotti83, @maennerklauerin, @MeaningOfLife42, @melmoe, @MeisterDesChaos, @Mino80, @mic1848, @miriundmichi, @mymeteora, @Namla94, @Nandaleee, @niniichen, @Onkruid, @piggynthemirror, @raelianer, @RoiLouis, @rover42, @rply89, @rwolupo, @saendralein, @sunsurfer16, @SweetieChry, @TimWolla, @tripplespeed, @Unfluencer, @volkitsch, @Zyste, @2Key2Play

#muenster #070418 #Kiepenkerl
#ingress #resistance #enlightened #crossfaction #xf #fieldart #wheredidingresstakemetoday #Ambassador #Niantic #Vanguard #IngressReport
+Niantic Project +Niantic +NIA Ops +Ingress +Anne Beuttenmüller +Andrew Krug +John Hanke +Hilda Leung +Masashi Kawashima +Fumi Yamazaki +Lizzy N. +Haerang Dong +Christine Jeffery +Daniel van Os +Claudi Ja


Last Saturday a man shattered our world with his crazy act. He drove a van into a crowd. In Münster’s “Guter Stube” (part of the historical city center). Right into the lives of people enjoying themselves on a nice and sunny day in spring. Right into our hearts.

This act injured more than 20 people, a few of them seriously. Two have been killed.

One of our agents worked at the restaurant right next to the location of impact that day. He is unharmed and “fine”. The pictures will stay in his head – and the heads of all the other people – nonetheless. The families and friends of the killed will remain without their loved ones.

Münster reacted level-headed and helpful: The city was quickly cleared without acting panically. The Ingress players quickly decided to stop playing and to cancel all events, despite it being the last day of #DarkXMCure. People quickly lined up at the Universitätsklinikum Münster (university hospital) to donate blood. That’s Münster: Solidarity and ready to help.

In times like this we stand together and it quickly became clear that we, Ingress Agents, wanted to build something: We wanted to build a hearts right atop the city center. The central anchors being the portals “Kiepenkerl” and “Kleiner Nikolaus” which are right at the location of the tragic happening. Quickly a plan was drawn up. Even quicker we found Agents that wanted to participate. Overwhelming approval in both factions! Thank you all. No matter whether you were able to participate on ground or supporting us using other means.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness;
only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate;
only love can do that.
(Martin Luther King Jr.)

Our thoughts are with the families and friends of the hurt and killed. 💚💙

For the Enlightened & Resistance Münster:

@axk23, @Brumsel, @CaptainChaosMS, @Cassiopeia42, @Datrin, @DJDilay, @djflanger, @Eifelyeti1, @Frachus, @Flow666, @Gauntlet77, @Hankie76, @HeavyPodda, @Lamid, @lopol, @KaiTheFishy, @KeeperBee, @khaus159, @khauswife159, @legendMaster, @lottikarotti83, @maennerklauerin, @MeaningOfLife42, @melmoe, @MeisterDesChaos, @Mino80, @mic1848, @miriundmichi, @mymeteora, @Namla94, @Nandaleee, @niniichen, @Onkruid, @piggynthemirror, @raelianer, @RoiLouis, @rover42, @rply89, @rwolupo, @saendralein, @sunsurfer16, @SweetieChry, @TimWolla, @tripplespeed, @volkitsch, @Zyste, @2Key2Play

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This is our non-profit shop with the latest designs for XF-CC lovers.
All proceeds from commissions go 1: 1 in free swag, like XF-CC missionday cards or help-seeking XF-CC members.

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