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Hey there! Welcome to Dragon Ball Z: ROLE PLAY SAGAS!

This community is based off DRAGON BALL Z: ROLE PLAY SAGAS and all information is linked there.

I am your owner Tao "Spark" Eagle and I am here to help and answer questions.

I suggest reading all of the links as well as the owner's updates to give you a full idea of how the community works and give you ideas. It will also give you a chance to explore the perks and downfalls of each race and which one you ultimately want to be and grow as.

Please adhere to all the rules. As I said they're here to make things easier for you and the community as a whole. Like with most communities please tag a Moderator or myself to alleviate the problem for you. If, however, you have a problem with a MODERATOR, then you either tag ANOTHER Moderator or ME to have the two discuss the problem and decide what the outcome will be. This is to prevent the Moderator from upsetting you, and you from upsetting the Moderator.

Here is a little info about the universe so far. 600 years ago, Tao Eagle, the strongest villain 700 years ago, got wished to be unfused with the super dragon balls. It reverted Tao Eagle all the way back to his original form. However Dr. Gero took that advantage to alter his programming even further in the chaos. Now with 600 years of the universe being attacked by Sparkeagle, the worlds are now not as they once were. With most of the planets shrouded in darkness, not much life is seen anywhere. Whatever life that does remain has seeked refuge. Sparkeagle keeps seeking out life amongst the planets to extinguish what is left.

The links below are current and previous community updates by myself, and the Owner +Kiriko Kaze please take the time to read them to catch up on what's happened here in the community.

Profile Template

Power Level System

Race Abilities/Transformation Multipliers


Shin Jins

Tuffle Mutants

Cat Humanoids


Rabbit Humanoid



Abilities-Rush/Banned Abilities

Dragon Ball Gathering

Hyperbolic Time Chamber Rules

Hybrid Transformations

Cross Race Fusing

Legendary Weapons

Body Change


Sparring Rule

Full Power Transformation Mastery

Racial Passives

Namekian Race Update

Grand Title Positions

Otherworld/Underworld Rules

Update 1.7

Past Historical Events

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I'm finally back, so...
My account again:Profile Template
"So, you want to fight, Huh? Well, go ahead and take me on, hand to hand, 1-on-1!!!"
“Go ahead, fight the North Kai. I’m a God.”
Base form:
“I know that with enough training, I will be the Legendary Super Saiyan, one day!!!”
Great Ape/Golden Great Ape:
“This isn’t quite the Super Saiyan I heard about in legends…. But it’s a useful power-up, nonetheless.”
“I’ve finally achieved it….. The power of the Legendary Super Saiyan is mine!!!”
“This is more powerful than a Super Saiyan…” Tries to move “…But it’s too slow for my tastes.”
“I’ve hit the level beyond Super Saiyan…. I’m coming at you with everything I’ve got!!”
“This power…. It’s Incredible…. How can I be so incredibly strong? Well, come at me with everything you have!!!”
“What is this form? I have the long hair of Super Saiyan 3… But it’s black, white fur with tiger stripes, (It’s a Family Trend.) red eyeliner, and yellow eyes? It sure is powerful, though… Come at me, anyone who wishes to fight!!”
“What is… This Power? Have I become…. A god? This power is incredible! If you wish to run away now, go ahead. This power will be one to defeat you if you don’t run.”
“I’ve fused the power of a god with my Saiyan Heritage, and now I’m the strongest fighter in the Universe! Come at me, Evil!!”

Name: Celerais (Pun on Celeraic) (Real name Youyā.)

Title: “I am the official North Kai! You’re looking at him!!!”
Age: 16
Race: He initially believed that he was a full Saiyan, but he’s ¼ Cat Humanoid, his father was half.
Appearance: [Picture or description]
Family: Soshuke (Former Sister)
Tsuki (Girlfriend, reincarnation of his former sister)
Bio: Celerais was sent away from an unknown planet soon after he was born, soon landing on New Planet Vegeta (Absalon), where he was taken in by a kind-hearted Saiyan Family. Celerais was raised on Absalon with a family that’s unique for a Saiyan family, because it’s a family where the husband loves the wife. His father was a powerful Saiyan, being the general of an army, but he had time to train his son, the young Celerais, and teach him the Saiyan Legends. The legend of the Super Saiyan, and of 2 Saiyans, the former Prince Vegeta, and a low class Saiyan named Kakarot, who both went from Saiyans like him to standing among gods. Celerais trained every day with his good-hearted father, where he soon obtained a power level of 750 (You’ll see why later. Also, remember when a PL of 300 could destroy a planet? Pepperige Farm remembers.), while also learning not to kill innocent bystanders, but in a fight to the death, kill them before they kill you. Upon his 15th birthday, Celerais left his family in a tearful farewell, traveling with the Saiyan Battle Armor on his back, his trusty scouter over his left eye, and plotted a course for the planet where those Saiyans lived… Earth. Upon landing on Earth, Celerais soon found a school to train under, where he changed his clothes to the Gi in the picture, learned a couple more techniques, and his Power Level climbed as he trained with his soon-to-be friends, soon reaching 1,000. “It’s no Legendary Super Saiyan, but I’m certainly getting stronger!!” One day he was called to the aid of Earth’s Queen of Saiyans, to partake in an ancient ritual that will boost the power of all involved immensely, the Super Saiyan God Ritual. During this ritual, he found his long-lost sister, Soshuke, and discovered that she was…. Dead? This emotional reunion revealed to Celerais that his newly-discovered sister was the North Kai, who was soon to be the Supreme Kai. Celerais leapt at the Offer to take over the Position of North Kai, which Soshuke gladly accepted. Celerais is now training in the Otherworld (Specifically the North Kai’s Planet), where he is learning all of the moves necessary to inherit the post, as well as training and generally being close to the sister he never remembered that he had, for he only knew her as a young Saiyan baby. He then met his parents, and learned that his tail is actually a Cat’s Tail. During his training to become North Kai, his sister was reincarnated as Tsuki. He met this new person, and soon made her his girlfriend.
Personality: Celerais is unique for Saiyan Warriors in the fact that he actually has qualms about killing innocent life, because of what he was taught in his youth. Celerais can get prideful and some might say cocky, but he knows when to not let his Saiyan pride not get the better of him. He’s also pretty smart.
Abilities: Kamehameha
Destructo disc
Big Bang Attack
Magic Materialization
Big Bang Kamehameha
Shine Shot
Tail (Actually a Cat’s Tail)
Spirit Bomb
Ki Blast Volley
Death Beam [Locked]
Build: Ki: 4 Speed:4 Att.:4 Def.: 4
Power Level: 100,000
Theme Song:
Base Form Theme: Hero’s Welcome by CFO$ Feat. Cody B. Ware: Oozaru/Golden Oozaru theme: Dokkan Battle Great Ape Theme:
SSJ Theme: SSJ Vegeta Theme by Bruce Faulconer: SSJ2 Theme: Perfect Cell theme by Bruce Faulconer: SSJ3 Theme: SSJ3 Goku Theme: SSJ4 Theme: Return of the Ronin (MVP TNA theme:)
SSJG Theme: Super Saiyan God Vegeta theme: SSJGSSJ/SSJB Theme: Super Saiyan God Broly Theme:


Going in the HTC and weighted clothes wip
Old pl- 38'480'000
New pl- 42'950'000

Daichi went in the HTC and started training for kamehameha. He started by focusing ki on his palm. He then kept on trying until the ki had become a ball, he then started trying to throw it. He managed to throw the ki blast in a single line.

Daichi started punching in the air. He then started kicking the air too, trying to increase the speed by every punch. He continued until he got tired. He then started doing pushups again

Daichi started punching the air. He was getting tired so he transformed into ssj3. He then started punching the air with more intensity. He transformed back to normal and took rest.

Events continued. (Since its not letting update the post.)

The discovery of Universe 0.
So the plot thickens.
Hakai that struck twice.
to be continued...

Closed spar with +Jason Shaw

Closed spar with +Dreday2020

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Anyone wanna spar PL: 9,000 (can you make it)

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Trumpets Blair accross the entire universe as envy uses Sushoke to broadcast an odd message.

Haiii!! Its your local fuck bucket Envy, goddess of sex and chaos, it is with my extreme joy to announce the Envious Tournament of Universal Martial Arts. People from this universe and the next will be able to compete to see who's the best fighter of them all, but there are some ground rules, after all we want this tournament to be fun right? So no using items like a pussy, and dont bring any weird overpowered hax, its the tournament of martial arts, not the tournament of time stoppers and black hole creating cunts. With that said, let the sign ups begin!

To be continued

Training with weighted clothes

Old pl- 37'890'000
New pl- 38'340'000

Training posts 1

Daichi started by doing pushups, after 450 of them. he changed into sit ups, after doing 450. he again changed into pushups but with a single hand. now doing 400*

Training post 2

Daichi then got a stone which had an approximate weight of 500 kilos. he then split it into two and started lifting them, one hand each. After doing 300 for each. he threw them in the air and blasted them

Training posts 3

Daichi started punching in the air. He then started kicking the air too, trying to increase the speed by every punch. He continued until he got tired. He then started lifting heavy rocks as though he was doing bench press

challenges +Dreday2020​ to a sparring match.
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