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Welcome to our 5th and final week. Following our I-L-F-P interpretation of the pillars of FL Network, this week we'll be focusing on the "P", or professional educator and its indicators of availability, assessment, reflection, and collaboration. Quite a chunk of professionalism!

We thought we'd end the week with our own version of an "in-class flip" during the webcast on Sunday with our special guest, Kate Baker (details below).

As always, please use the space to reflect on our questions for the week:

1) How has this session affected your perception of the roles of teachers and learners in the language acquisition process?

2) What are some of the takeaways and/or epiphanies that you have had during the session? How do you think they'll impact your teaching?

Also, please fill out our session evaluation, linked here and on ANVILL:

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I just wanted to share some pictures of my friend +Martha Ramirez​'s visit to my students in Speech class last Friday! We all had lots of fun! 
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Hello. I wanted to show you some pics. This is the seminar for my colleagues at school. I explained them some points about Bloom's Taxonomy and told a little bit about flipped learning.

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Greetings everyone,
As this course has came to an end, I'd like to take the chance to thank you mentors and participants for this amazing 5weeks learning experience. I have made so much progress and learned so many exciting new things whether through the courses or through fellow participants' comments and what they share.
I hope we'll keep in touch through this network.
Thank you once again.


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Finally, I managed to get the courage and do the in class flip Spanish lesson. I was so nervous at first and thought I was not going to manage so I nearly give up! But I did it and my students loved it. They worked so hard! and the energy that I usually spend giving instructions and getting the whole group to do something at the same time was channeled into helping and guiding my students!
My thanks to this community and our moderators, definitely your support, resource sharing and encouragement have made a great difference. Here I leave a little video that Facebook has grafefully done for me :)) 

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Our final webcast is now online. Approximately half the time was spent in small group activities, so to fully appreciate what was going on there, do look at the lesson planning scenarios that were presented by our participants in the Week 5 forum.

Once again special thanks to +Kate Baker for lending her experience and FL wisdom.

Thank you all so much for this amazing 5 weeks! I really learned a lot and was happy to meet you all! Let's stay in touch

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Here's my latest post on a sequenced in-class flip I planned.

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1. How has this session affected your perception of the roles of teachers and learners in the process of language learning?

This session confirms the way my teaching has evolved over the years, in progressing from primarily lecturing, to focusing on eliciting input from students, to letting them assume a central role in class activities, so that my role is primarily as a mentor and facilitator. It has also highlighted some advantages of flipping, such as being able to better scaffold students according to their levels with the use of out of class materials.

1. What are some of the takeaways, epiphanies that you have had during the session, and how will this impact your teaching?

I realized how much flipping is aided by technology and that the approaches go far beyond asking students to watch videos as homework. I will make efforts to take advantage of more resources to expand the repertoire of activities and to determine which activities corresponding to Bloom's Taxonomy lend themselves to out of class versus in class projects.

I also appreciated the feedback from the moderators and being able to see the postings and work of all the participants in the session. This has been a great opportunity for exchange.
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