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-In honor of Mav. Im making a sad Rp. Open to all +Efrideet, Iron Lady +Jake the Snek3 +The Warden -
Freydris was alone and trapped by a group of vikings. Her allies were gone and dead she knew she wouldn't last long with several bleeding wounds exhaustion starting to bite. She knew she wouldn't make it and almost let the terminal blow strike.
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I feel like uninstalling for honor

Rip knights. They gettin fucked.

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Rp anyone?

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(Open)Freydis was drunk in a bar stumbling out of it making fun of anyone who looked at her occasionally trying to get back in the tavern but they said they wouldn't serve drunk Vikings
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"Justice will be served!"


Name: Alex Mallington

Nickname: Alex the Bringer of Justice

Age: 58

Gender: Male

Class: Lawbringer

Weaponry/Feats: his Pole Axe of Justice

Armor: Heavy plated armor with chainmai and leather beneath it

Other/Misc: Flash grenades and Bombs

Notes: A guy you'd wanna be friends with, or he will "serve justice".

"Ah, you want to hear my glorious tale? Well get yourself a nice comfy seat and a nice beverage. No, no it won't be to long. I just want you to make sure you're comfortable. The last person I told my tale, his chair broke. Anyway, let us begin. Ah yes, I was a young man searching for glory and a way to show I wasn't afraid to fight! I found the hell bringers, a Glorious and honorable Legion I am proud to fight along side in. In my training I was focused on strength and the use of a pole axe. A good weapon for range and counter. Eventually, I completed the training and became a Glorious law bringer! A great warrior I became, and many have fallen to the wedge of my axe. I have not fallen, yet. I intend to keep it that way, unless I die of natural cause or engage an honorable opponent. Well, that was my story, did you enj- Ah come on, sleeping on me now? Well, I guess he passed out due to how glorious it was..."

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"My Father was a Warden, my Mother, a Berserker- A forbidden love that somehow made me, a Peacekeeper... Odd, right?"

Name: Titania

Nickname: Child, Little Rose

Age: Assumed to be Early Twenties.

Gender: Female

Class: Peacekeeper


Chaos Agony Sword and dagger: Mocks of What the Peacekeeper "Mercy" Used, Titania prides herself in her blades.

Bounty hunter: Increased Health and Stamina Gain from Killing enemy heroes.

Revenge attacks: Just as it sounds, Titania's attacks fill her revenge meter much more quickly.

Sharpen Blades: Using her blades to hone one another, Titania can inflict bleed damage on her foes for a short time thereafter with any strikes.

Fear Itself: People are terrified of Peacekeepers, let alone one with the bloodlust of a Viking, and the tactics of a Knight. People around her are subject to increased damage recieved, and less dealt, alone with more stamina drain fkr their own attacks.

Armor: A Large mixed bag of Peacekeeper gear, honed and optimized for protection and breathability for Stamina Regeneration, rendering her less tired for less time.


Fiat Lux: Small white powder grenades, akin to a flashbang. Does small amounts of damage on detonation, and blinds Opponents caught in the blast radius.

Pungo Mortis: A much more specialized explosive, closer to a fragmentation grenade than a Flashbang. Explodes after a short fuse, doing moderate damage to a medium area.


>Innocent to a Fault

>Often only fights when forced

>Child of a Viking and Knight

>Trained very well in the arts of assassination

>Quick to startle and scare

>Oftentimes found close to her mother


Born in a forbidden love between a Warden of Ashfield and a Berserker of Valkenheim, Titania is a bubbly young girl with a life to live and a family to satisfy, Oftentimes seen simply sitting and dreaming about what life could have been like if conflict could have been avoided. She despises Appolyon and any who supported her brutal war and conquest, often finding joy in peace rather than violence. She is a true peacekeeper- do not let her innocent nature fool you.*_

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Quote: "That fateful day at Daubeny's castle, was the day I met the Blackstone Legion."

Name: Sir Vikar

Nickname: The Warden

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Class: Warden

Weaponry/Feats: Defeated the legendary Viking Güdmundr, and Holden Cross's second. Wields a German Longsword.

Armor: Full Loran armor.

Other/Misc: He also carries a small dagger on his person, just in case.

Notes: Warrior of the Blackstone Legion, loyal to a fault if befriended, kind.

Synopsis: Originally a warden in service of Hervis Daubeny, The Warden was displeased with his position and their master. However, he had sworn and oath and had no intention to break it no matter how much he disliked the warlord. When Holden Cross and the Blackstone Legion came for Daubeny, The Warden took up arms to fight not for the cowardly Daubeny but for his fellow knights. When Daubeny ordered The Warden to partake in the Trial by Combat he agreed only because he knew everyone would be slaughtered should he refuse. After winning the trial, The Warden was knighted by Cross and inducted into the Blackstone Legion.

After partaking in several missions with them, The Warden began to question the Legion's motivations as he witnessed Apollyon's ruthless nature. It was only after they proceeded to burn down the Viking's primary grain storehouse that The Warden pulls Mercy aside and demands to know why they are there. She explains their intention to decimate the Viking's supply of food to force them into fighting each other. Despite being angered by what he was told, he stayed, as he could not break his oath.

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Freydis was traveling back from a successful campaign to visit the local bar and celebrate, alone. Until- (open)

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"Quote" "Which one of you wants me?!"

Name: Freydis

Nickname: N/A

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Class: Berserker

Weaponry/Feats: Paet Right head and Blasphemer Left head (axes)

Armor:Benetram Helm, Acamar chest, and Benetram Arms

Other/Misc: The dreaded banner: this banner somehow strikes pure fear into the enemy and lowers their ability to fight. Teeth: shes ripped a jugular out with her own teeth.

Notes: Quick to anger, likes red roses (reminds her of blood), Dislikes Samurai and taunts them constantly

Synopsis: A very successful fighter specializing in close quarters combat. Hailing from Valkenheim she grew up fighting anything that disagreed with her until she met a warden. Long story short thats where a peacekeeper came in.
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