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"Look, you and I both know from the archaeological remains and vast deserts that we ain't the first ones here. So the question you should be asking, child, is who was?"

Name: Kain

Nickname: The Flyer

Gender/Pronouns: Male

Age: 19

Race: Plainfolke

Inherited Features: He is a rare case, only having one trait tied to animals: Tiger's claws

Sexuality: Straight

Ability/Power: Extremely Smart... can also be considered ahead of their time

Weapon: Wrench, Sabre

Personality: Smart, Interested in the species before them, almost obsessed with Archaeological digs

Likes: Steam Power, Technology, Educating, Flight

Dislikes: Those who cannot comprehend, those who try to stop him

Strengths: Smart, Technologically Superior, good fighter

Weaknesses: Tiger claws covered by gloves, doesn't have sensory abilities like other races do

Eyes: Gray

Skin: Slight Tan

Height: 6' 8''

Weight: 230 pounds

Friends: His crew

Family: Orphaned

Enemies: None yet

Romantic Interest: None yet

Bio: Kain is as strange as they come, the only thing he has going for him as a Plainfolke is his tiger claws in place of fingernails, other than that, he's been relying purely on his technological superiority and intelligence. He was orphaned at seven, leaving him in an orphanage, which he actually escaped at ten, he set out to explore the world, and he happened upon surviving remains of a very very VERY old Ottoman Artillery Fortress that somehow survived whatever extinction level event occurred on the Earth around where Anatolia was once was, and in the buildings, which had rotted considerably, were old looking papers encased in a strange glass box, as he thought. He looked at the papers and discovered that someone else had inherited the Earth long before the Four Races ever did. He then became obsessed with finding similar relics, oftentimes finding the secrets to technology such as steam power. He remarkably figured out at a young age that he would die of old age long before he discovered the secrets of the old world on foot, so he revisited the sites, gathered materials, and using various plans for various components, designed a true to life lighter than air steam powered craft. He paid off passing travelers, engineers, etc. to help him realize his dream of flight, and within six human months, finished the Anka kuşu, naming it that based off of old translations he found at the Ottoman fort remains. He took to the skies, finding a bird's eye view handy in discovering more archaeological sites and adding the new technologies to Anka Kuşu. He is obsessed with finding out the true origins of their races.
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Highlanders are very possessive and protective people. They aren't very kind or generous. They're sometimes considered vicious depending in which one you meet. Typically you'll find them with scales or spikes and a think hide. Highlanders dwell in caves or rocky mountains.

They are rule by a very dragon-like king who won't go by anything else but His Majesty. He's very protective over what's his and he represents possession.

Most people considered Highlanders cruel and selfish because of how protective and rude they are.

Leona stepped out of her wagon early in the morning. It was foggy and a bit cold. She huffed, it was not supposed to be cold yet. She went back into the wagon and grabbed a shawl. Then she went back out to check on Finley. Finley snuffed at her once she came near, wanting an apple. Leona smiled and pulled an apple out for him. Finley ate it happily. She looked around where they were staying. It was on the edge of the forest, and a gate into Purlieu was less than two miles away. Leona pondered whether or not to go into town today. As she looked back into the clearing fog, she saw a figure.

|| Open RP (I hope this doesn't go against the layout of Purlieu at all, I'm sorry if it does) *||*

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"Me, trying to scam you? No way, this is a bargain! Come on, we can even make a trade!"

Name: Leona Malvina Schwind
Nickname: Leo
Age: 17
Race: Plainfolke
Gender and Pronouns: Female, she/her
Sexuality: Homosexual (Lesbian) 

Abilities: Leona is stronger than many people, but doesn't use her strength very often. She thinks it's unnecessary in most situations. She can also hear very well, able to hear someone whisper across a market.
Skills: Leona considers herself as a very persuasive speaker. She always tries to talk people into buying items at her stall. Usually, she succeeds, though she doesn't always. Leona is also considerably good at making small trinkets and pieces of clothing to sell. Leona can also memorize areas well, not anything else, only maps, or mazes. This helps a lot when she finds herself in a new market.
Weapon: Leona holds a small dagger under her skirt, in case a customer is unruly. She's ok using it, but doesn't fight very often. She usually tries to talk her way out, but that doesn't always work. Leona is also ok at hand to hand combat, but could easily lose to someone more skilled than her.
Strengths: Convincing people to do things, specifically to buy things. Leona is also skilled at making things. She can move quickly, and weave in and out of market stalls like nobodies business. Leona is also good at organizing things, be it material objects, or her thoughts.
Weaknesses: Cooking. Leona sucks at cooking. She also buys way too many things. She just can't help herself. It's not even that she buys one certain thing, anything that's interesting, she'll buy. Sometimes she sells it off later, but she impulse buys a lot of things. Leona also has a small temper, but not that bad of one. 

Personality:_ Leona has a very independent personality. She's almost always depended on herself, and she's fine if it stays that way. She always tells herself that it's just because she hasn't met the right group of people yet. She's very assertive, and always takes charge of her life. Leona isn't scary at all, though sometimes she thinks she should be.
Likes: Leona absolutely loves her store. And her horse, Finley. She likes to be free, like most Plainfolke. She is also fine with small spaces, though. She loves to watch the stars and sit by a fire. Leona appreciates the small things in life.
Dislikes: Snobs. She hates people that make fun of her store, or her hopes for it. Leona cannot not stand messy spaces, either. They get on her nerves. Also, since she can't cook, she doesn't like to. 

Inherited Features: Leona doesn't have very many features showing she descended from a lion. She has a very feline body, strong and lithe, but other than that, not much. Her eyes may be considered cat eyes, because of their brilliant green, and that they seem to have slits instead of circles for pupils. Though it isn't very noticeable. She does have slightly sharper teeth than average, though. Some may even say she has a purr to her voice.
Hair: Leona has bright auburn hair. It has hues of brown in it, but is mostly red. It's very thick and floofy, almost like a male lion's mane. This kind of annoys her, since she's female. Leona keeps it short and usually has a headband of some sort on.
Eyes: Her eyes are a brilliant green that can seem intense. The pupils seem to be closer to slits than circles, which add a cat like feature. The intensity of the slit pupils is countered out by how wide her eyes are, though. Making her have an odd combination of innocent and intense.
Skin: Her skin is surprisingly pale for someone who was descended from lions. Luckily, she can tan though, not burn. She tans a lot, always working outside, making her seem much darker than she is. 
Height: Leona always says she's 5' 7", but really, she's 5' 5". She knows that's not super short, but she likes to seem taller. It's easy to tell she isn't as tall as she says she is, though.
Weight: Leona is completely healthy at 140 pounds. She's muscled, and can easily do the hard work which is needed in day to day life.
Clothing: Leona has way too many clothes. She changes clothing a lot, but at the moment her style is flowing skirts in neutral colors. She wears a plain top, with a vest or jacket over it. She usually has a headband of some sort on. Leona also wears jewelry, her favorite necklace being a leather cord with red and green gems on it. She likes dangle earrings that wrap her entire outfit together. Leona wears sensible leather boots, and makes sure she can still run in whatever she's wearing.

Friends: None, due to her traveling so much, and she has some trust issues. But with her staying in one area, mostly, now, she might make a few.
Family: None. She leaves it at that, most of the time.
Enemies: Well, she has made a few small enemies in towns over her years, but they're just farmers that think she ripped them off, or something.
Romantic Interest: She can't even make friends, let alone have anything romantic, so none at the moment. Maybe that'll change.

Bio: Leona was born to a single mother. Her mom was an alcoholic, and wasn't around much. They lived together in a "gypsy wagon", but they didn't have any way to move it, so they stayed in one spot. Leona always took charge of the home, cleaning and trying to cook. She took care of her mother, and made do with what they had.Her mother loved her, even though she was never around. When Leona was about 12, her mother didn't come back though. Leona figured her mother had finally left. Leona waited for her mother, but she didn't come back for weeks. Leona used everything they had left, and bought a horse. The horse was sickly though, and no one thought it would live. But it was cheap, so Leona could afford it. The horse was a male Clydesdale.  She named him Finley. Leona helped nurse Finley to health, and made him stronger. At 13, Leona and Finley left, bring Leona's "gypsy wagon" with them. Leona had to sell off most of her stuff at the first market they came across. She found out she liked selling things, and decided to make a living off of it. She traded for items to sell in the next town, and went on her way. At the next town, she sold the new stock, and bought a little bit more. She used some money to renovate her old wagon into less of a house, and more of a store. For years Leona did this. She then heard that she was supposed to be at some place called Purlieu, and went off to go there. She hoped she could continue to sell things, and find some new things. 

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"Oh, beauty is a beguiling call to death and I'm addicted to the sweet pitch of its siren. That which starts sweet ends bitter, and that which starts bitter ends sweet"_

"There's two types of people in this world. Those that dream of something different beyond what is reliable and safe, and those who try to prevent that person from speaking."

\\ BASICS \\

First Name

Middle Name

Last Name


Place of Birth



Skin tone
Dark Olive

Inherited Features
Being of a wolf-like bloodline, Samuel possesses canine ears, eyes and teeth, as well as retractable claws of an inch long.

Discerning features
Possesses a black scar that runs across his right arm and along his chest in a pattern.

Hair type
Shoulder length, pushed to the side normally.

Hair colour
Dark brown/black.

Eye colour

190cm/6 foot 3 inches

Body Type
Average and moderately muscular


\\ COMBAT \\

Is susceptible to higher pitches if not wearing any ear protection.

Two katanas of super heated alloy metal, with strength similar to that of titanium but weight more appropriate to aluminium

A long bow, measuring nearly up to 1.6 meters made of a flexible yet strong wood with metal supports and a threaded handle. The bow string is made of woven horse hair.

A blue jacket with a white fur lining on the inside of the hood, homemade earmuffs with white fur, black pants with metal plated knees and boots with metal bonded to their toes.

Two weapon sheaths from his right shoulder to his left lower back.

Three round flasks; one of a paralysis poison, one of the antidote and one of standard water.

Enhanced vision: Thermal vision and extended visual range of up to a three hundred yards clearly.

Enhanced Stamina: Ability to maintain a cool, steady breath and extreme movement for minutes at a time.

Enhanced Speed: The ability to move at speeds above normal, of up to sixty kilometres an hour.

Enhanced Strength: At close to peak physical condition, but not anything above, Samuel is still able to strike with deadly force and lift considerable amounts, normally up to one hundred kilograms.

Terrakinesis: Control over the Earth as an extension of themselves, meaning that in order to effect the Earth, Samuel must be in contact with it.


Samuel is not extremely aggressive or quick to physical contact, but does not let others take advantage of him.

Samuel is not afraid of harm and willingly puts himself in positions where such could befall him.

Samuel has a natural calm aura that isn't easily dispersed, maintaining this in battle and conversation which allows clearer thought.

Quick Thinking
Samuel quickly identifies most if not all variables in situations, resulting in quicker actions without hesitation.

Samuel feels strongly for the things he cares to indulge himself in, and does not easily give them up.

Samuel is often a "silver tongue" and talks himself in and out of most situations.

Greatly interested by the world around him, Samuel happily dabbles in most activities such as smithing, performing and combat, but is always greatly interested to learn more.

Quiet, Literature, Training, Smoking, Travel and Discovery.

Rude Behaviour, Mistreatment, Condescension, Abusiveness, Undeserved Pain and Undeserved Accomplishment.


Chapter 1: Unwanted Life
Samuel was born as the fifth brother in a seven son family and was often overlooked. He did not impress or stun his parents while growing up, although they did love him, they never had the time or space to show it as they lived in a travelling caravan with a group of their own kind. Samuel would often wander off while the caravan was exploring with his oldest brother, Kyln, and one of the packs elders, Drake, who would hunt in the neighbouring forests and mountains of their current path. Drake taught Samuel and Kyln to hunt and obtain his own food and water, as he had learned from the previous elders. Samuel learned quickly, developing his attributes to their maximum to catch greater amounts to feed his family in hopes of being noticed. He came across a small outpost of strange creatures with cages and weapons. Samuel, being only at the age of twelve became curious and explored but was found, being trapped in a cage with plots of death to obtain sufficient fur to make clothing by a group of poachers, who somewhat resembled hyenas. The laugh they admitted as they tortured Samuel was traumatising, so much so that Samuel unknowingly gave away his families location. The hyenas descended on his travelling family, while Drake and Kyln were hunting, coming across his location and finding Samuel. The three of them did not know how to fight, so they took what they could carry in terms of weapons and food and left, having to force Samuel to follow them with disregard to their family, as they would die as well. Samuel left behind the only home he had for what few family remained, setting off into the woods with Kyln and Drake.

Chapter 2: All Dogs Go To Heaven
A fire was lit and camp was made, Kyln, Drake and Samuel all sitting around its warmth with a look of loss glinting in the reflection of their eyes. After some brief words and planning they set to bed for the night. A few hours later, the forest began to glow a pale orange, a forest fire sweeping through its lush elegance and reducing it to a black stain. Samuel awoke to the smell of smoke, his brother and companion rising likewise to see the surrounding of their camp engulfed in flames. Samuel quickly looked for an escape route, seeing none before a medium sized tree snapped from its weight and fell, finding its place on top of Drake. Kyln's necked snapped to see his friend in dire need of help, quickly rushing to his aide and attempting to lift the branch to no avail. Samuel went in to help but was stopped by Kyln who told him to climb the tree and leave, promising he would help Drake. With tears in his eyes, Kyln yelled for Samuel to go, turning quickly to help Drake by pulling him out from the log. Samuel did as he was told and crossed the log as quickly as he could, making it to the other side and turning to see his remaining family engulfed in flames. Samuel dropped, a mixture of coughing and sobbing as he mourned his fallen family. After a few seconds, he picked himself up and began darting through the woods, avoiding burning trees and bushes and escaping to the plains once more. Samuel fell and laid on the grass, looking up at the sky as everything started to turn black, his lungs finally giving out from their intake of smoke. Just as his vision began to blur, he saw a figure stand over him, coming closer before passing out.

Chapter 3: A New Beginning
Samuel awoke in the bed of a wooden home, a window behind him. After coming to his senses after a few moments he sprung out of the bed, quickly collapsing into his back and putting his hand instinctively where pain radiated. He placed his hand across his chest, feeling white bandages and beginning to worry. He looked around frantically before the door opened and a large man who possessed the head and fur of a bear entered, stating that Samuel had finally gotten up. Samuel clenched his teeth and asked where he was, to which the answer was ever grove, a small village in a remote forest location in Woodlander territory. Over the next few hours, questions were answered and Samuel learned of the other races and how the connected. Elijah, who the best had introduced himself as, told Samuel of the poachers, who he said collect items of rare and immoral origins and sell them to private potion and clothing makers. Samuel was told the fire was most likely set by them to draw any remaining members of our caravan out, which troubled him and pushed him into a rage that subsided with pain once Samuel tried to stand. Elijah lifted Sam and placed him back into the bed, telling him to rest until his wounds recovered. After a few days of patience, Samuel was able to move again, removing his bandages and finding a fire burn in a pattern that both he admired and despised. Samuel attempted to leave, being determined to find the poachers and murder them all, but Elijah stopped him. After a long discussion on why Samuel had been in the burnt remains of the forest, Elijiah told him he would need to travel and train so that he would not die, secretly hoping that the training would clear Samuel's mind and stop him from considering murder. He told Samuel of a man who lived high in the mountains of Highlander territory who would train him to become stronger and faster. Samuel thanked the man, not knowing how to repay him, Samuel swore he would always be able to help him if need be. As a parting gift, Elijah gave Samuel a flexible but accurate now which could shoot from an impressive range which he had scavenged from a burnt settlement, hoping it would serve him well and protect him. Samuel departed on his quest that would eventually lead him to his revenge.

Chapter 4: With Age Comes Wisdom
Upon arriving at the Highlander boarder, Samuel quickly spotted the cliff where he was intended to meet his trainer. Samuel approached the building, scaling the long cliff at its edge in order to reach it. Upon reaching the summit, Samuel tiredly knocked on the door and was greeted with several quick jabs to the face, knocking him on the floor and leaving him dazed and on the verge of passing out. An old, muscular bull walked out of the doorway and approached Samuel's body with interest, telling him he was the one Elijah had spoken about. He invited him in, introducing himself as Kindolf and allowed his bruised facial tissue to heal before the weeks of training commenced, training Samuel's strength, speed, stamina, vision and weapon skill. Samuel quickly improved and seeing this attribute, Kindolf decided to train Samuel in the mastery of Terraformation, the act of joining ones body with the Earth so as to manipulate and control its movement. Samuel spent months continuing his training before finally being able to best Kindolf in a one on one bow staff training exercise. Kindolf sent Samuel on his way with the gift of knowledge and skill, as well as two strong katanas made of a dense but light metal from which Samuel had been trained to use. Samuel thanked his master and promised his allegiance to him, leaving with stronger mental and physical prowess, the thought of murdering the ones who had wronged him solidified in his mind.

Chapter 5: Light Within Darkness
After wandering for what seemed like months, Samuel came across a large outpost of men who were well armed and trained. Intrigued, Samuel went to take a closer glance until being ambushed and captured. Once brought inside, Samuel began to recognise the symbols and people as the ones who had murdered those he had loved, the sounds of their laughter still horrifying him to this day. His weapons were taken and he was greeted warmly by the leader, whose face he had burned in his mind. Gradually, the leader began to recognise the young man as the one who had escaped them so many years ago, which happened to be one of their most lucrative captures. He laughed sadistically, his men joining and causing Samuel horrible memories until his patience finally snapped. Touching the Earth outside the cave, Samuel shifted its contents and rose a large spike through three of the various wagons and upwards through his cage, releasing him and maintaining as he slid down its rocky body. Samuel's feet touched the ground and almost instantly hundreds of rocks the size of pumpkins flew upwards into the air, falling down and causing death and destruction in all directions, leaving only the leader alive and deathly silent as he realised what he was dealing with. He looked at Samuel's eyes, no remorse in view and said very clearly, "Do it. It won't bring that pathetic grouping of rats back". Samuel's eyes glinted with fury as brittle rock slowly worked its way around his feet and up to his neck. Samuel watched with complete seriousness as his hand rotated, the rocks slowly piercing inwards as the squeals of pain emit from the victim for what seemed like hours but in reality was only minutes before his death. Samuel gathered his weapons and there supply of coin and left the encampment, feeling no greater joy than he had previously, realising that even though revenge was sought, he did not change anything about himself or his family. He wandered once again alone, travelling from town to town across the various boarders, keeping to himself until eventually hearing word of Purleiu, a gathering place between the races from which he thought he could establish a new life. He set himself a course and arrived after a month of travelling, happy to see the prosper of fellow beings.
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"Oh my lord. Please. J-just stop talking. Your voice makes me want to kill something!"

Name: Quinn Redthorne

Nickname: Uh, no? I mean, sometimes Quincy but eh...

Gender/Pronouns: Girl last time I checked so she her pronouns please.

Age: 17

Race: Plainfolke

Inherited Features: She has features of a tiger including black, tattoo like marks across her skin, intense eyes, a tanner complexion, messy hair, sharper teeth, and a growl in her voice.

Sexuality: Bisexual, but leans more towards girls.

Ability/Power: Nothing

Weapon: My fists

Personality: Quinn is incredibly intense and always wants to protect her friends. She's the one in the group who's quiet but threatening. The one to stand protectively by the one speaking and to offer fighting as the option. Although she is part of the Plainfolke who frown upon unnecessary harm, and she hates seeing others in pain, it's natural for her to offer battle first.

Likes: Practicing fighting, laying around, being lazy in general. She's almost always found at her bed, reading a good book or drawing.

Dislikes: Seafolke and water. Not just because she's a cat. Well, maybe. Quinn cannot swim too well and has almost drowned on many occasions. She has been trying to learn how to swim, though.

Strengths: Standing her ground, working on her own, and standing up for what she believes in.

Weaknesses: Anything that has to do with being poetic, kind, understanding, or social. She tries to be nice, but always ends up scaring people away. Maybe it's the sharp teeth or the way she growls at everyone she talks to.

Hair: Long, always messy, a few black streaks in it, but it's a bright orange.

Eyes: Almost black, but dark and intense.

Skin: Because of a tiger's orange fur, her skin is tanner than most, caused by pigmentation, not sun.

Height: Because a tiger is the largest of all big cats, she's a whopping 6', which is much taller compared to the people who have inherited traits of smaller animals.

Weight: Do not ask me this. She doesn't bother to weight, but she's healthy.

Clothing: Quinn usually wears the same type of thing everything. Loose, long clothing and a long, black piece of cloth that she uses as a headband that covers her forehead.

Friends: No one yet.

Family: All of the Plainfolke are my family.

Enemies: Seafolke. Anything with water disturbs her. And if there are people who live in it, they both terrify her and make her incredibly angry.

Romantic Interest: She would never tell anyone unless it was the person she liked.

Bio: Quinn is touchy about this subject. She doesn't remember much except for lost of growling and crying. Next thing she new, she was in the plains being taken care of by an extremely kind centauress and people like her. 


(( Open to any and multiple ^^ ))

A shoulder nudged Ayal roughly, causing him to break from his dazed stupor, and he turned to see his brother grinning at him before walking forward. The cervine boy shot his brother a wobbly, nervous smile then straightened his shoulders and trot forward with tail and head both held high. He reached for the strap of his satchel and fiddled with it, ears flicking as he approached the entrance of the famed Purlieu, the bushel of holly strung about his hips marking him as the ambassador for his fellow Woodlanders. Ayal reached up to scratch at the base of an antler, visibly nervous: he wasn't used to being in positions of leadership and now he was a representative for his entire race... The deer grimaced, imagining the consequences if he misrepresented Woodlanders and, consequently, Hjortr. A small sigh escaped his parted lips, and he continued to meander towards the Entrace Gates.

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"Nature is something you can't exactly control. Sure, you can ask it nicely to do things for you, but truthfully? No one controls nature. Not actually. Never fully."


Name: Ayal Whitewood

Gender/Pronouns: Male; He/him/his

Age: 18

Race: Woodlander

Inherited Features: From the waist down, his body is that of a deer’s, and despite his age, he still has the lighter spots of a fawn. He also has the ears and nose of a deer, as well as light spotting on his skin. He has antlers, but for the moment, they seem to be rather small. Whenever people comment on the smaller size of his antlers, he makes a grimace kind of face, and tells them to just wait a month or two.

Sexuality: He’s a little bit extremely gay. U w U

Ability/Power: Like some of his fellow Woodlanders, he inherited one of Hjortr’s abilities involving nature. He finds he is able to coax plants to grow at a rapid pace, usually by singing to them and petting the stems and leaves.

Weapon: Ayal is a little trepidacious about weaponry, and becomes skittish around them despite being a decently sized guy. However, he finds a spear in hand feels somewhat natural, and is pretty good at wielding one.


Personality: Ayal is rather humble, and fairly insecure; he shrinks away from interaction at parties, and doesn’t participate wildly like most do. And he very obviously will refrain from drinking spirits and alcohols. This is mostly because when drunk, all of his fear seems to melt away and he truly does become a ‘party animal’ in all senses of the word; it’s actually quite hilarious to get him drunk and watch him go. He’s woken up in some very interesting situations due to blacking out at parties. When not drunk, though, he’s actually a bit too kind, usually - to the point that he’s a pushover.

Likes: Ayal enjoys solitude and strolling through nature; he loves to tend to gardens and listen to the calls of normal animals. He would much prefer a nice walk through the woods over a crazy wild party, much to his brother’s dismay. His brother, Hirsch, another cervitaur and older than him by 2 years, seems to be the exact opposite of him. He loves his brother nonetheless, and finds he appreciates being able to hide behind his much more wild sibling.

Dislikes: Ayal utterly hates the sight of blood; he finds he can’t exactly stomach the scent or sight of it, and would rather be the one bleeding that witness someone bleed. He also hates spicy foods, as they give him acid reflux, and is absolutely terrified of snakes and spiders. He’s a bit of a wimp, truthfully.

Strengths: He is extremely skilled at identifying the names and uses of specific plants and putting them to use, making him an excellent medic despite his fear of blood. He is also rather skilled at kissing, not that he’d ever admit, due to a long history of drunken smooching at parties. Damn his brother and his tendency to get Ayal drunk at parties.

Weaknesses: He’s not very good at physical combat, as he gets skittish, and isn’t a very good navigator. He has a tendency to get very lost in very simple places, and thus has gotten himself / will get himself lost many times over in Purlieu. He’s also not very good at conversation or flirting, and is terrible at interacting with someone he may have feelings for.


Hair: His hair is soft and fluffy, of a brown color. It’s medium long and hangs around his face in thick, silky tresses, of which occasionally fall into his eyes - much to his frustration.

Eyes: His eyes are, in his words, “plain, boring brown.” In the eyes of a more poetic perceptor, his eyes are a warm brown that seem to reflect kindness and good will. In the words of a Woodlander of whom he once made out with while drunk at a party, his eyes can darken and focus on you with an intensity that can make your knees wobble. Ahahah. Yes. Sexy stare!Ayal. Fun times.

Skin: His skin is a lovely tanned color with spots of varying colors, and is rather soft to the touch. In some places, his skin seems to be rather fuzzy, such as his shoulders and waist.

Height: Despite the difference between the two, he is taller than his brother Hirsch by 2 inches; Hirsch is 5’8, and he is 5’10.

Clothing: Oftentimes, he doesn’t wear any clothes, though when he does, he usually wears a simple off-white one with perhaps a leather string-up vest. He does, however, usually wear a satchel at his hip.


Friends: N/A

Family: His mother and father, of whom will remained unnamed due to laziness, and his older brother, Hirsch.

Enemies: N/A

Romantic Interest: N/A


Bio: It could be said that Ayal grew up in his older, funnier, more adventurous brother’s shadow - this, however, is utterly untrue. He was somewhat spoiled and protected by his parents, so when Hirsch wanted to wrestle or play, he would often be told to find his friends. As such, Ayal grew up knowing nothing of roughhousing or exploring; he was content in his little bubble of a world, picking flowers and making daisy chains. Hirsch would occasionally drag him out to a party and get him drunk, mostly just to see his perfectly composed little brother absolutely go nuts, and those were the only times he really interacted. He was a sheltered child, but Hjortr apparently saw something in him, as when he came of age, the Spirit named him as his generation’s ambassador. Without a doubt, the entire Wood was surprised. Why choose a spoiled, insecure fawn as ambassador? The question remains unanswered to this day: while Ayal is very intelligent, he does not represent their people, of whom above all value fun and a life well spent. Nevertheless, he travels with his people as their ambassador to Purlieu, much to the dissent of many.

Credit goes to for the drawing.

Are there races other than Plainsfolk and Woodlanders?


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