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Hi! we hit 20 members, and im gonna give away 1 battle-ready non-shiny Scizor! Comment your Fc. You must be in the community to enter

Guys... Im updating for a greater cause... Pkhex and qr codes will be unavalibe until PKHEX works around it...

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can someone make a V-create victini QR code for me?

Im going to do a thing where I ask who would win a pokemon battle. Today's is:

Darkrai vs. Genesect

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Hey! As a thanks for joining, I'll give you a FREE darkrai (or other event if you have one already) come and get one!

Who ever gives me the best poke will get a qr code that automatticly dupes an entire box and it is multiuse. So keep asking !

Almost time for the battle ready siczor

Hey guyyssssss!!!!! Share this community as much as you fricken can, because we have a COMMUNITY BORN GIVAWAY!!! When we get to a certain amount of members, we get prizes!!!! Any member is automatticly entered,
So EVERYONE has a chance to win!

10 members: Everyone gets a Darkrai
20 members: Battle-Ready Scizor
30 members: Battle-Ready Dragonite
50 members: 3 Shiny Jirachi
60 members: 2 Shiny Genesects
80 members: Shiny diagla
90 members: 5 Shaymin
100 members: Shiny Palikia
130 members: Shiny Mew
150 members: Shiny Manaphy
180 members: Battle ready Garchomp
200 members: 10 Victini

Keep sharing!
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