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🔥 Many people are still telling me that, like me, they plan to write-in "Bernard Sanders" if he's not on the ballot in the general election as a Presidential candidate, so technically he is going to be in the general election regardless of whether he's on the ballot and regardless of whether the votes for him get counted, but I know there are some people who inaccurately claim that he's dropped out and who wish his supporters would flock to Hillary or Trump, depending on which one they think is the lesser evil, or to a 3rd party candidate such as Jill Stein or Gary Johnson, depending on several factors, but the fact is there are valid reasons why those of us who are still planning to vote for Bernie have not changed our minds. For me, it is the only HONEST vote I can make at this time, and while I am very supportive of Dr. Jill Stein, she is still basically saying that those who want to vote against a candidate should stop wanting such a thing, while my second and third ranked presidential votes in a #BalancedRankedChoice voting system would be a #antivotes directly AGAINST Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. (Although I'm not sure in which order.) So the question here is how YOU FEEL about Bernie Sanders being in the general election. He has retained his delegates and there is a very real chance that Hillary may drop out due to eventual indictment or other such circumstances making Bernie the Democratic Party nominee, but there are other options for him to get on the ballot also or to help get our write-in votes counted. 🐦 So… Do you want @BernieSanders to be in the general election? 💡 🕊

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