A message for all the wonderful visitor to our account of rotterdamfuelmarket.com here on Google+, 
Especially our Communities, 
#VerManSer - RFWBF4U - Free 2 Join
#VerManSer - RFWBF4U - Basic
#VerManSer - PBF4All - Private

#VerManSer - BF4All - Free 2 Join
#VerManSer - BF4ALL - Basic
#VerManSer - PBF4All - Private

#Happy Life Coach 4 Me - Free 2 Join
#Happy Life Coach 4 Me - Basic - Ask 2 Join
#Happy Life Coach 4 Me - Private

Wonderful Visitors, 
We appreciate very much your visit on our accounts and interest in what we are doing,
After receiving many membership applications 
We Asked Ourself, 
That maybe we did not explain why we have this community,
But We Did! 
So why don’t we have any conversation 
Like knowing each others reason for connecting on the free to join community and the topic we can start with, 
So! without any further misunderstanding?  
Without having any dialog or conversation on our " Free To Join Community" and we did not ask you to join us on the next level, after the first introduction or communication ? 
There is no need in asking us to join, 
From an intelligence perspective we welcome you to our community to have a starting point for both side, yours and ours! 
- Interest in the energy department, 
- Client or Supplier
- Experience Good or Bad 
- Solution, 
- And so on 
Because without it ? 
There is nothing we could continue on the next level, 
We are for Mutually Beneficial Business Relationship, 
That Start Always from a Starting Point.
We Thank You For Your Intelligence Understanding 
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