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Washington DC 2018
Hello ladies and gentlemen welcome to the fair. Well what's left of it. It's been 2 years since the zombie outbreak after a virus was unleashed onto the world that caused increased skin decay. The hosts of the virus become nothing but mindless zombies. Their only goal is to spread the virus they are no longer human. You hesitate to pulled that trigger you're done for.
Hello and welcome to my community. I hope you enjoy. Here are a few rules.
•Please be nice to others but feel free to give some constructive criticism.
•Follow the story.
•Nothing sexual and nothing below the belt. Sex scenes are allowed but nothing descriptive. I'd like to keep this PG-13 aside from language. Maybe R but nothing NC-17 or XXX.
•Characters must be original or have some sort of spin that makes them different from their canon counterparts so if you wanted to roleplay as an anime character they would have to have some sort of difference from the canon version.
OC Template:
Weapon of Choice:
•Have fun that's why I made this community.
I'd love to see this community thrive so invite your friends.

RIP god damn

(Open rp tries to save this community)

you see Anna walking around, a few scratches on her tan skin, also a limp in her step "momma" she calls out, looking for Amy
seeing this you decide to....

Hey losers

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violet was walking around and found a car that was not beaten was your car she broke the window and you came out

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Name: Mikey

Age: 25

Personally: bitchy kinda nice

Sister: Viloet

Weapon: a gun and a pillow (it makes silence)


Trying find Violet

Name: Anna Rose
Age: 6 years
Bio: Amy found her in her house, the corpse of her mother and father near by, tears streaming down her face, Amy took the young girl under her wing, but soon Anna fell ill and has a hard time walking for long distances, so Amy has stayed in this area for the time being with her.
Likes: sweets, Amy, pineapple, her torn up teddy bear
Dislikes: bugs, beans, zombies
Weapon of Choice: she doesn't have one yet but uses a gun to defend herself if Amy goes out to get supplies
Sexuality: ???
Personally: loud, fun, silly

Hey guys

Please wait to get accepted before you use an OC please. Unless you're a Mod
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