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No one has been here for a year -_-

I can't draw anime, I draw other things but not anime......

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Look at this awesome scratch projects!!!!


Hello. I'm Annie, a member of this "Anime Community." You understand? Good. Anyways, I like the animes Baka and Test, Soul Eater, Hetalia, Nisekoi, Blue Exorcist, No Game No Life, and a few others I can't remember. Feel free to talk to me, can't always reply instantly because, you know, life. Goodbye, and watch anime.
Hasta la Pasta, suckers. ●v●

Much wow. You visited my community. THANK YOU! Not very much though. Just playing some jokes on you. Okay, so, WHO LIKES ANIME?! cricket noise Okay... that went out badly. Well, I bet no-one here likes anime. Well if you hate anime, leave. In this community we talk about random anime stuff. Whatever you like! Now just pick a card. Which anime is you card? Any anime, such as, Black Butler (surprised I haven''t watched that, please do not banish me to the realm of earth, it looks like myself loves this anime realm.), AOT (you should know that, if you don't then its attack on titan.), Hetalia (one of my personal favorites. GO ITALY!), and other anime like that, but its your choice and your thing.... WHO WROTE THIS SCRIPT? What I wanted to say was, Its your choice, and your decision on what you want to talk about (Please, no nasty stuff please, that is one of my phobias. Just kidding. Just please no nasty stuff. Or you will be banished to the ban.... room.) Alright then! You may now continue freely in the world of anime! (Don't get mad at me for all of this text, my "boss" told me to put it into the community because it would look much better, and I would give you an introduction. Don't tell my boss I added this in the text, he would demote me to..... player rank. Er, just don't tell him.) Goood Bye!!! (That's not a typo. I purposely did extra O's.) Okay bye!
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