would u rather be popular or have a few close firends you know u can trust and that love you for u ...

i hate high school ... people like to jagg u off be mean and i am one of the nices people any one can meat i dont have  a mean bone on me and my friends tell me i need to stand up to the bullys buti dont like issues so i ignore them... it still doesnt work i dont know what to do i graduate this year i hope college is better ... i can give my friends great advice but i cant give myself any is that weird ...

My mom told me the other day that DONT EVER LET BULLIES DEFINE YOU 

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I hate bullies

Bullies only bully to build themselves up and make themselves feel better about themselves but what you should consider is that there may be something going on with them or in there lives that makes them want to build themselves up and  Bully others. this does not make bullying ok at all but what i do when i get bullyed is either ignore , or respond in a kind manner walking away does help too but if you show them what they are doing has no affect on you they will eventually get bored and find  someone else to bully but killing them with kindness is an awesome way to handle it ...!!! this is just  my advice thow and when you see someone else being bullyed don't be scared to stand up for them not just because its the right thing to do but because no one not for any reason deserves to be treated horrable like that no matter what they may of done or did and in that case two wrongs don't make a right. 
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