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Welcome everyone and enjoy the community <3
Please read and follow the rules in the community description

I'll introduce myself, I'm Ricardo Hompus but you all can call me Rico I'm born In 1998 I can be childish but only to have fun other than that I'm rather mature (if I have to believe others XP) i work as crane operator and go to school on Monday i'm a huge audiophile and pc enthusiast and a rc enthusiast and a experienced Roleplayer

Mod introduction's:
+Crimson Steel Moon (The Wolf)​​​:
Hello everyone I'm Crimson I was born on December 28th 1995 , I have been role-playing for quite some time, I'm a pc enthusiast and a video game enthusiast. I'm up for almost any kind of rp. I also love retro technology and games as well 
+Miles Moki The Husky​​
Hello every paw :3 my name is Miles Moki but you can call me Momo if you want. I was born on the 12th of September 1997 so I become 19 this year. I'm in an apprenticeship as a cook ^^ and I really love my job. While others use pen and paper to show their talent I release my creativity in the kitchen X3 trying always to create great meals. I'm in school on Monday's and Friday's for the theory. Actually I'm pretty boring to be honest because I don't do anything interesting. I love skateboarding and I'm an addicted console gamer. I have a weird way to feel free ^~^ because I'm actually a cross dressing femboy. I realized that I just like myself if I can be myself and well... I like to wear girly clothes. Some peeps said that I look pretty feminine anyways so... yea ^^ There are people who told me that I'm doing good in rps even if I think that this isn't the case... so I feel honored to get invited in this kind of community. That's pretty much me if you need to know more about me feel free to ask ^ω^ I don't bite... well... not every time X3 bye 

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hi my name is wolfie and this is my  oc Sam the fox she is 3 years old and was born to a king and queen but her family was killed and then she was put in a foster home were she had a bad life she is a red tailed fox with pink hair she likes the color blue and pink, she is not potty trained she is a fun and gofy toddler also she is a little shy, but if she gets to know you she will come around. 

+Crimson Steel Moon (The Wolf)
+Miles Moki The Husky
+Deadly Tiger​ please make a introduction in the pinned post well if you would like to be mod off course
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