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One of my students really got confused using los Verbos reflexivos. The sentence went like this - Me lavo la cara de mi hermano. He could not understand why it was not se lavo la cara de mi hermano. Can anyone help me better explain or a video to show him.

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Let's Learn Spanish today
Mi Nombre Rizky Ginting

Let's Learn Bahasa Indonesian
Apa Kabar (How are you?)
Saya baik (I'm Fine)
Terima Kasih (Thank You)
Selamat Malam (Good Night)
Selamat Pagi (Good Morning)
Selamat Siang (Good Afternoon)
Sampai Jumpa lagi (See you latter)
Dari mana asal anda? (Where you Come from)
Saya berasal dari Indonesia (I'm from Indonesia)

Mari belajar bahasa Indonesia 🙌
(Let's learn Bahasa Indonesian)

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Indonesian today

Apa kabar How are you
Terima Kasih Thank You
Selamat pagi Good Morning
Selamat Malam Good Night
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Spanish Phrase for the week:

Buenos días (good morning) Pronunciation: booEh-nohs dee-ahs

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Here are some basic Polish phrases:
-Jak się masz? =How are you?
-Czuję dobrze= I am good
-Dzień Dobry=Good morning/afternoon
-Dobry wieczór= Good evening
-Dobranoc=Good night
-Witaj=Welcome (Informal)
-Witam ponownie= Welcome back
*How many of these did you know?

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