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IMPORTANT: If you are experiencing issues with SoundCloud please update to the new version

A new update to v.0.9.107 is available with many new, experimental features:

NEW: Gesture-resizable floating player - use two fingers to resize the player
NEW: Recommended channels in trending view
NEW: Auto-switch to fullscreen player in landscape
NEW: Shuffle menu item
NEW: Recommended playlists in playlist view
NEW: Theme manager view available in drawer
*IMPROVEMENT:*Google Cast migration to v3
*IMPROVEMENT:*Android O media style notification migration
*FIX:*Crash when missing permission to access local music
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I'd be great if I could listen to music through FTP.

Just would like to share a short feedback..
You made me feel good.
You guys really made me feel good.
It would be great if you add a option which toggles off the YouTube mini screen whenever we close the autobeat. I don't want to see the video. I just want to hear the song.. so after I close the autobeat I don't want the windowed YouTube video. Maybe a useful feature. That's why I asking you to add a toggle option in the settings. I loved your application. From my heart.
Thank you.

Hola quiero que me ayuden! Cuándo reproduzco audio de YouTube se me corta la canción a la mitad y no vuelve a funcionar más!! Ayuda

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Some comments from our beta tester

Please check this points:
1. I changed theme from Default to Black & Gold. But Settings and About pages stayed in Default theme.
2. Look at my screenshot: I think the app must shows me some different state in this case. I mean when there is no similar artist it's strange to show me a carousel with placeholder images. Instead of this I want to know what I have to do to see similar artists or why the app can't show them or just some random artists.


I dont know if this bug is for only me or others too but after i click play and go back to my homescreen the music stops playing . Can anybody plz help me out . This ia the best music player i hv ever had . I only hv issues regarding this bug
Everything else is awesome . Good luck for the official launch.

New user. 3 Questions:

1. How do you import song files into Autobeat on a MAC?

2. Can you link the MAC app to your Soundcloud profile?

3. How do you sync between the MAC and Android apps?

Thanks, and good work.

Add an option to display the lyrics while a track is being played, like in musixmatch and also a feature to correct the track details. Anyways I loved the app.

Nice app, but you shuold add Spotify and change resolution option in YouTube - if You add this autobeat Can once of best app 2017
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