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Agents this is a public community and if you looking to meet up with people there are a few agents across the state that can help you make contacts in your area of play a little easier:

+Kelly Baysden 
+Andy Lohaus 
+Will Jones 

Triad Area:
+Maya Davis 
+Ben Brewer 
+Joel Davis 

Coastal Area:
+Ian Phillips 
+Bryan Atwood 
+patrick kinstle 
+Eric Hardy 

Western NC
+Sloan Poe 
+Jake Mohl

+Clint Thompson 
+Eleanor Howell 
+Patrick Williams 

+Tim Dippel
+Janet Fisher
+Michael Fisher

if you dont see your specific play area here feel free to contact the closest area or any area for that matter and we will gladly help you in any way we can

Use this to help find communities in your area:

So hello everyone.
I've been playing in Randolph County, western Chatham, southern Guilford and parts of Davidson County. I primarily live in the Eastern Randolph area, but was wondering if anyone was still operating around those parts now that I've got started. I could also use any advice that you may throw my way

I'm really getting aggravated with trying to find other Resistance members to help out.  We have FAR too many frogs in our area that keep neutralizing  our portals.  They are all level 12 or more with the exception of like a level 8.  I am only 3 going on 4 so it's hard for me to keep them up.  Can anyone point me in the direction of local Resistance members that I can locate or how to do so?  Thanks

On my way to Asheville for the week. Hoping to get in a good bit of froggie squashing while I'm there.

I need Allies in North Carolina

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L16 around the corner! 

Hello everyone! I just hit level 8 about a week ago and play around Greenville mostly. I'm glad to be part of the Ingress community!

So where did all of our players go? Is there a new community I'm missing out on? 

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Rolling Thunder in Charlotte this weekend.  Please take  a sec to view the questionnaire.  Want to carpool to Charlotte?  Send me a message; I'll help match-make!

HI Folks!  Agent @Syppi here. Mostly from Central VA, but my travels take me many places.  Usually make stops along the way in NC omw to FL or GA, figured I'd see what's up along my ways!
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