Name: Reagan Branwell
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Shadowhunter
Weapons: Any except spears, especially good with seraph/runed blades, stele, bow/arrows, electrum whip, and throwing knives
How You Will RP: Normal font
Bio: Reagan never had a family to love her. She was abused and pushed around until she ran away at the age of nine. Her parents were evil, sick-minded Shadowhunters and had accepted Valentine's invite to join the Circle. Reagan ran away from her so-called family - her parents and older brother - secretly and was soon found knocking on the door of the New York Institute five months later. After joining the Institute and going under the care of the Lightwoods, Reagan has been planning to find a way to kill Valentine once and for all.
Picture/Description: Long, slightly wavy, dark chocolate brown hair normally tied in a ponytail, 5'7" tall, sapphire blue eyes with flecks of grey. Wears T-shirts, hoodies, jeans, track pants, converse, combat boots, sneakers, and Shadowhunting gear.

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Name: Jace Herodale
Nickname(s): Jace
Gender: Male
Species (Shadowhunter, Werewolf, Vampire, Warlock, Mundane):Shadowhunter
Weapons: Steel, silver daggers, Seraph blade
How you will RP: Italic
Bio: Is one of the best Shadowhunters of his time, currently residing in the New York Institute.

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Name: Caroline Herondale
Type: shadowhunter
Age: 18
City: Brooklyn
Appearance:(see pic)
Strengths: Fighting
Likes:sweets, people , video games
Dislikes: fish, board games
Powers: fighting,
Bio: she is the long lost sister of Jace. 

Open! ((Jace, +CarolineCondie))
your bed room door was open and I go into the room "Hey sis"

Violet walks into the library and a cold wind rushes into her face."Somebody left the window open," she murmured. Violet walked towards the window and saw a figure sitting at the edge.
((+Isabel Alteza, +Elika Chiu, +paloma rodriguez, +Lanore Everson, +lauren oh)) ((RP open))

Hey u guys! Decided to do a quiz about the guys in Mortal Instruments!! Good luck! ^-^

Quiz! Who is your crush in the mortal instruments?
1. Which kind of guy do you like?
a) a guy with cat eyes and a sexy attitude
b) a guy with golden eyes and blonde hair
c) a guy with light crystal blue eyes and black dark hair.
d) the kind of guy who's sweet and really dorky
2. Which weapon is your fav?
a) MAGIC duh!
b) a long knife and a dagger
c) bow and arrow
d) I don't really use weapons...
3. What kind if personality do you want a boy to have?
a) very persuasive with his voice, soothing, and very calm
b) stubborn, sweet, good at charming people
c) who protects you, pretends to be angry at you, king with words
d) dorky, romantic and very very protective
4. What would your crush do if you were attacked by a demon and you had no weapons.
a) gets in front of you and blasts magic to the demon and asks if you're ok
b) tells you to watch out and covers you and he gets hurt instead
c) runs toward you yelling your name and hugs you and brings you down so he would get hurt and you would be safe
d) screams out and he gets in front and pushes you when the demon attacks
5. Who do you want to be your best friend?
a) I don't care as long as she/he's a warlock
b) Clary Fray
c) Isabelle Lightwood
d) Maia Roberts
6. What kind of signs of jealousy would you want your crush to give you when you're hanging out with another boy?
a) tries to win you back and spends more time with you. Growls at the other boy to stay away.
b) scoffs at the other boy, insults him and keeps you away from him
c) grabs you away from him, says sweet words in an angry voice and keeps you away from hanging out with the other boy.
d) upset, wants to hang out with you more and gives you flowers

If you mostly got A's then you got Magnus Bane! (By the way I know's he's gay but in here he's not!) Magnus will always keep you close to him and love you until the end. He will do anything to make you jealous but you'll always make HIM jealous and he shows it by growling and threatens the other boy. He has the looks and the personality you will love! ❤

If you mostly got B's, then your crush is Jace Wayland! He's secretive but sweet in a way, stubborn but offers other people's opinions especially yours, cold but will protect you every time. He will love you and hate you exactly the same time! 💜

If you mostly got C's, then you got Alec Lightwood! He's intelligent but a little scared when it comes to decisions. He may be strong and never let's his feelings show but he always has a warm part in his heart and will always be supportive to you. He will always be risking his life to protect you!💙

If you mostly got D's, then you got Simon Lewis! He's dorky but really sweet, he's very very protective! He's very sensitive and he will do whatever it takes to make you love him! 💛

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Violet walks through the city as she sighs. She heard Joselle and Isabelle saying that Joselle liked Alec." Now what am I going to do?"she said quietly ending with a sigh.
((End of RP))

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Do u like it Paloma?

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oh oops isabelle oh and check me out
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