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Имате ли нужда от спешна финансова кредитна *?
* Много бърз и директен трансфер към банковата си сметка
* Възстановяване започва осем месеца, след като получи парите
банкова сметка
* Нисък лихвен процент от 2%
* Дългосрочна погасяване (1-30 години)
* Гъвкава месечно плащане
. Колко време ще се финансира? След подаване на заявлението **
Можете да очаквате предварителен отговор по-малко от 24 часа
финансиране в 72-96 часа след получаване на информацията, която им е необходима

Свържете се с легитимна и лицензирана фирма, упълномощено да
даде финансова помощ на никого
За повече информация и формуляр за кандидатстване *

телефон: +17183954382

Най-добри пожелания
Сър Джак Wayne

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Gold & Silver are important assets in an investor’s portfolio, especially now because of the huge, worldwide, debt bubble that Billionaire experts say will pop in the next 5-15 years…
Leaving behind destruction on one side and wealth for Gold & Silver owners…
In-fact this cycle is SO “normal” that it’s been happening, like clockwork, since 1671…
When it does, wealth is transferred from paper currency back to Gold & Silver and all those who prepared for it, receive a tremendous increase in wealth…
And those that didn’t, lose out…
So, Gold & Silver are vital assets to collapse-proof and hedge a portfolio long term…
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Good afternoon.

Ready to be your representative in the Republic of Belarus as well as represent your interests in the Eurasian Union of five States (Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia). I am looking for business partners.
I can be useful in many business spheres (organize the sale of any of your goods and services, search of necessary goods and partners on the territory of Belarus and on the territory of the Eurasian Union)
If I interestingly open for you representative office of your company in Republic of Belarus.

Also I need the credit. If you know real and honest creditors of investors write, please, to me their coordinates.

My name is Pavel Dzmitruk, me 40 years.
I live in the Republic of Belarus, city of Brest.
I am an individual entrepreneur.

Contact information:
+375-296-524130 (Velcom) +375-336-401367 (MTS)
E-mail: Skype: avtoamerika-brest

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Good afternoon.
My name is Pavel Dzmitruk, (I need the credit of $550 000 US)
I am 40 years old, live in Republic of Belarus, in the city of Brest.
I am married, two children.
I am the Individual entrepreneur.
If you know honest and solid creditors or investors who work without advance payment, report please coordinates of these companies.
I need receiving the credit, investments on purchase and the business organization in Belarus.
I need the honest credit ($550 000 the USA) without advance payment of any services. I am ready to pay any payments from means of the credit or after receiving the credit. I won't give an advance payment. After receiving the credit I will be your representative in the territory of Belarus.
I am ready to answer any your questions.
I speak in Russian. I do not speak English, I use a computer translator Google. Write. If you want to talk to me by phone or Skype, find someone who speaks in Russian.

Contact information:

+375-296-524130 (Velcom) +375-336-401367 (MTS) Skype:avtoamerika-brest

Yours faithfully,
Pavel Dzmitruk.

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Are you looking for gold dore bars and gold nuggets copper cathode please contact us for FCO and SKR

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