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Aria Songstone
After alerting the Resistance, I head off to the taverns, trying to find more useful information. 

(Open RP - you can be the guards or your character if you want)
Aria Songstone
"Ruh, Aithusa, (hush, White Sun)" I whisper to my companion in my mother tongue as he croons gently in distress. "Ae sharlch ier, haer ier.(I smell them, hear them.)" The forest is filled with crying spirits and vengeful sprites calling for help, mourning a creature that has been killed for fun as the echoing, spiteful laughter of the Guards, as Aithusa calls them, deems it in their way. There is nothing more dangerous in this forest than the occasional bobcat that runs wild here, and Aithusa and I. The Guards reek of unnaturalness, something Aithusa and even I, occasionally, can smell it. Although I detest to kill, these Guards deserve a fate worse than death. They are loyalists to my traitor cousin.

Hi! Um, I'd love to be a moderator if you'd let me, because I have loads of ideas for the plot and places so I'd love to help out! +Declan Walding 

I was sitting on my Thestral, Kolasi (If your character has not seen death you must pretend that you don't know my Companion is a Thestral unless you know from a previous RP
We were in the forest and up ahead I saw>>>>>

The guards carry the chest down the road. A rope comes out of nowhere choking one of the guards sliding down the rope is me and I shouldn't forget my dog Smoke. Smokey growls running at and biting one of the guards mauling him. I take out my sword stabbing another guard the last one starts to run in till I took out my arrow and shot him twice first one missing second one direct hit. Me and Smokey goes up to the chest. Opens the chest "we hit the jack pot boy" I fist pump. Smokey wags his tail with his tongue sticking out.

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Here is my wolf hybrid
Name: Smokey
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Eyes: Blue
Likes: Family
Dislikes: Strangers, Threats, and Guards
Other: He used to be a guard dog in till they abused him too much
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Hey I Am
Name Perseus
Age 13
Personality You can tell I am kind fun LOL type of person
Likes Most animals,
Dislikes - most bad things

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Name: Kana (yes this is my rp account)
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Eye color: Brownish green
Hair color: Black
Personality: Quiet, Serious
Likes: Animals, Hunting (not hunting animals though)
Dislikes: Swimming

I walked around valionere with my 2yr old Chinese fox when an arrow almost hits my companion in the head and I pick her up and run when...

Open RP anyone??
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