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This is my personal best and also the fastest glyph in Ingress Sri Lanka as per my knowledge. Got 448AP for that glyph in the same faction portal. How about yours?
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As a gaming community we always promote fair play and say no to cheating. Recently two Resistance accounts (@HDSCORPION & @KylerSRockwood) have been banned as they were found violating Terms of Services of Ingress/Niantic Labs. As the decision is made by Niantic Game-masters, Resistance LK has decided that these agents will no longer be a part of the community. This is a reminder to all members that Resistance LK is committed for fair play and we never endorse any kind of cheating within the community.

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Recently I (EthanDan) submitted a portal based in Middeniya Rd, Embilipitiya, Sri Lanka titled 'Bo tree And Buddha Image Y.S.S'. In due course, NIA approved this portal submission. However, upon checking through the scanner, it appeared that the portal was approximately 0.5km away from its actual location due to an accidental submission of an incorrect location. Upon realizing this issue I reported the portal as an 'invalid portal', along with a request to edit its location. However, to this date, the location of the portal has not been corrected by NIA despite collective requests from many ENL agents. We wanted to keep everyone in the loop on this situation so as to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding.

For reference purposes please see documentation containing: email confirming acceptance of the portal submission, originally submitted portal location, email on invalid portal report, and the actual portal location.

P.S. :- Hope this will be initiative for maintaining quality of the portals.

Current location :- 6.284966,80.862576

Portal should be at :- 6.291789, 80.869427

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100+ new portals in Sri Lanka <3 <3

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Again a great news!
As mentioned awhile back, we are committed to limiting the impact of third-party seller networks in Ingress. We will now be removing items from the game that were purchased from these unauthorized sellers. This means that any items illegitimately obtained through third-party websites or services will disappear from inventories - even if these items were passed to other players unknowingly.

Illegitimate items that are in a legitimate capsule will be removed from the capsule. Legitimate items in illegitimate capsules will be emptied from the capsule and then the capsule will be deleted. We appreciate your cooperation and continued support of our efforts to keep Ingress fair and fun for all Agents.

As always, feel free to ask questions in the comments and we will do our best to try to answer as many as we can. 

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Operation Let It Happen 3.0 - Magnus Reawakens
Operation Let It Happen 3.0 - Magnus Reawakens

As the magnus builder event started, Resistance agents travelled all over the country to get the medal and visit many places. Our agent @HydraSL and @EngKD7 planned to go to Jaffna for the medal. But suddenly agent @EngKD7 came up with an idea, “why don't we cover the country by a blue field set?” He revealed his idea to agent @hydraSL, @rbzZORO and @F33NiXSL which marked the initiation of the operation Let It Happen 3.0

The Operation was planned in a short period of time and all the key transfers and travelling arrangements made within very short time frame. Because of limited time, Op chat was boosted by others with the phrase “Let It Happen guys” which later became the name of the Op “Operation Let It Happen”. Also Long ago; A team of Resistance agents travelled across Sri Lanka and did a fantastic Operation twice, called “Let It Happen”. Like that this op also followed the sequel of Let It Happen and became the third iteration of the LIH series.s.

The intel team planned to layer this on Valvettithurai area which is quite remote and where no usual enlightened activities had been seen. We had to find a proper base which could hold the field set more than 1 checkpoint. Then a miracle happened. Our beloved legendary agents @WanniHR and @otherdayB reawakened as the Magnus Reawakens. So Pottuvil became the base in Sri Lanka. Then as usual Maldives became our next anchor for the field set.

Sri lankan Agents involved

Jaffna team



Pottuvil team



Blockers clearing

Tangalle - @Chashaka

Colombo Port - @nadunt

Negombo - @swger005

Aluthgama - @Harrypottr3

butthala - @samanju











Maldives Agents involved




On the 14th of May, all the agents were brainstorming for the plan. As agent @HydraSL got a few keys on Pottuvil and Maldives, Jaffna team was almost ready for the op. But we had to give keys to the agents in Pottuvil. On the 19th of May, keys were transferred by agent @F33NiXSL to agent @otherdayB on his journey to Colombo and to agent @HydraSL.

On May 19th, we made a decoy field from Negombo to be cleared on time. By the 20th morning all the blockers were set to be cleared and our agents @HydraSL and @EngKD7 were on their way to Jaffna. Initially we planned to start the op at 10 am and thus cover the 11.30 am check point but something unexpected happened. Agent hydra said “Guys, good news and bad news. Good news, Kilinochchi cleared. Bad news, A frog and a toad popped in Jaffna all the way from capital”

So we had to wait and postpone the op. We kept on waiting and shifted 7.30 am to 01.30 pm. agent @HydraSL and @EngKD7 waited at Jaffna Town and finally cast aside their Magnus medal and stayed low until those 2 Enlightened agents got silent. By the way, Maldives blocks were cleared for us by agent @Danny4629 before he goes to a meeting. Also he kept his brother @BlingStrings stand by for us.

The last remaining blockers were Colombo Port and Negombo. The port was cleared early and Negombo was planned to be cleared on time by @Swger005.

By 04.36 pm, we were ready to cover the island from 5 layers. Agent @otherdayB made his first ever cross country link from Pottuvil and that was the ignition of the layers. Then agent @HydraSL and @EngKD7 made all the 5 layers by the time of 5 pm capturing nearly 13.93 million MU per layer which covered total of 69.65 million MUs. The fields set remained 6 check points, winning the septicycle with huge margin of aggregated Mind Units for Resistance.

This op gave us some fun filled memories too. Agent @EngKD7 got his Magnus builder medal before the train departs the platform from Jaffna station. Intel agent @rbzZORO’s laptop was taken by his father while he was on intel console. Agent @HydraSL and @EngKD7 was staring at Northern chicks for an hours since op got delayed, 😉 even the response was negative from the opposition. Agent @swger005 was caught in the rain until he JARVISes the portal. At last the OP was surprising for the frogs backpacked Jaffna.
Operation Let It Happen 3.0 Magnus Reawakens
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Everyone deserve a second chance. If someone think otherwise I may loves to know why??


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Sinhala Translation of Ingress Lore/Back Story, Investigation Ingress related official G+ posts will be shared via below mentioned G+ collection and Telegram channel.
I hope this will aid agents to involve more in investigation process and read ingress posts in a language they prefer.

Ingress Lore/Backstory හා සම්බන්ද වෙබ් පිටුවක් වන Investigate Ingress හි පලවන නිවේදන සහ Ingress G+ පිටුවෙන් නිකුත් කරන සියලුම නිල නිවේදන වල සිංහල පරිවර්තන පහත දැක්වෙන Link හරහා කියවිය හැක.

G+ Collection -

TG channel -
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