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Cover photo for Shatter~!

Project Shatter has a new website everyone!!


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its nala lol derp shes my kitty derp :3


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enjoy ^^ also, it would be awesome if you subscribed to PS on YT ^^

hey guys! UPDATE!!!!!!!!! IM SICK!!!!!!! i've been sick for a couple days now, but i act healthy cause i don't want to worry anyone ^^ TO LATE! MWHAHAHAHAH!!!! lol, anyways i have desided to try and make a game! it'll either be based off of a story i (or if multiple people helped make it: we) OR it'll be completely new!!!

for new: please post an idea.

for story: post which one you would like me to create.

thanks for reading, thanks for suporting project shatter, and have a nice rest of the day ^^

hello everyone in project shatter :D i have a backstory of one of my characters back story (from a book i wrote 'just need to finish the extra')

* = characters talking
# = characters for the story talking

Notes: ignore when the " symbol comes up, i forgot to delete some of them, and am to lazy to delete them now.

(dexel? why are you afraid my son?” ”Mama.....why is thunder so scary?” ”Hahahahahaha” ”Mama?” ”Son, have you ever heard the story of the cat who fought the thunder god and won?”No mama”Well, it happened long, long ago. There was a great cat who was so very kind to everyone that people were very jealous of him, because he was not only kind, but strong and wise as well. #Why are you so kind?# one of the birds had asked, #it is because I want every animal to be happy# he had replied. Since everybody knew how determined he was to make every animal happy, the selfish bird had come up with a plan to get rid of the kind hearted cat. The bird pretended to be sick one day so the cat would come over to help out, when the cat showed the bird asked him to do him a favor. #”Will you be so kind to challenge the thunder god for me?”# The kind cat was wary of this question but the bird pleaded, saying it was his last wish before he died #”Alright, I shall challenge the thunder god as your final wish.”# So the cat went to the castle of the gods and challenged the thunder god #I am here to challenge you thunder god, for it is a wish from the ill!# the thunder god accepted the cats challenge, for it was one of the ill. but the thunder god fought unfair for the cat had no powers that could help him, but he fought for the selfish bird. The thunder god was about to win when the cat noticed that the thunder that had missed him hit the town and the houses was burning down #”Stop! we must stop this, it’s destroying the town!”# But the thunder god wanted to finish the battle so that he could win #”I will stop when I am victorious!”# The cat was angered at what the thunder god decided #”Then I will fight you and win!# the cat fought back with all his will, and ended up defeating the thunder god #now you must fix this town#”  He said, but the thunder god was furious! The other gods had seen the cat beat the thunder god, and had given him the power of rain. From then on the thunder god kept on challenging the cat, but it seems every time the cat won, and the cat still is kind, because he puts out the fire that the thunder king makes during their battles So right now the cat and thunder god are fighting? yes my son, and when this fight ends there will be a rainbow waiting right outside for you, so go to sleep until it ends~" Okay mama! And thank you mister kind water cat!)

You guys need to post stories you write and stuff you draw too...It'd get quite boring with only a few posts

Big Brother
by Logan O’Malley and Moonglow Takashima

My brother, Logan, and my father had got into a fight today. Over what? I have no clue ... all I know is, now, big brother, you are missing... my mother tells me never to get father angry... I guess brother’s disappearance was because he got father so mad... everytime I try to ask him about it, he gets angry, and mother pulls me away into a room, and I don’t get dinner. I hate it here, big brother....I hate it here so much, please come back and rescue me......I'll wait for you... (days later) Father and mother are fighting about you again big brother, and i try to stop them, but the doorknob is too high up, I wish you were here big brother, you would comfort me....if you were here, I wouldn't be so sad, so please hurry up and save me from this place, big brother.

So anyways, Sis here's what's going on...
Father pulled a knife on me and he got me good in the face I lost a lot of blood. Anyways after I healed he put me on a plane to god knows where. I had nothing but the clothes on my back and a wallet with no money, only a photo of you. I swear if he ever tries that on you I’ll kill him. I had to steal to survive at first until I had 2 choices on how to see you, The first one was to get a job, but everyone who spoke i couldn’t understand. The second was more drastic but I knew I’d do anything to get back to you Sis...

Big Brother, father hit me today...he was drunk, and I got into his studies.....big brother, I’m starting to wonder if you’re still alive or not...Mother gets sad when she looks at your picture, next to my bed...I couldn’t sleep last night either, all I could think about was you, big brother...where are you, big brother?

Since I could not get a job, I had to steal enough money to get back to you which is terrible because you know I would never do unless I had too, which I did. I pickpocketed several people and taken their money, when I saw an ad. In (language) It was easy. A contest, whoever ate 10 pies in the fastest amount of time would win... The prize was just enough  to get me home again...

Big brother, I was in an accident today.....I was outside in the road, and  i had tripped over my shoe, and a car came around the corner.....Big brother.....please, save me....I don’t wanna die yet...not..until I see you again...big brother, I remember...our was a Friday, and we had went to the and me were playing hide and were the seeker...and I had hidden in the tunnels...I had gotten lost..and you found me....then we both promised...that we would stay and protect each other.....big you still remember our promise? everything....everything but hard to remember...big hurry and find in hide and go seek.

Little Sis I hope you haven’t forgotten me, because I failed... I had almost won when some guy shoved my pie off the table and I was so upset I nearly beat him.... I knew something was wrong... I’ll kill father if it’s  the last thing I do....little sis I don’t know if you were old enough to remember, but I promised mother that I would protect you from anything that tried to hurt you...I know that you were hurt, and I needed to see you, to know that I was wrong and that you were ok...

Big Brother, it’s hard to stay awake recently.....the only thing I can think about is you and our promise.....I don’t talk to anyone, I barely eat.....big brother, I’m so tired, I just want to see you, but I’m starting to think you aren’t coming....have you forgotten me? I wouldn’t blame’ve been gone for so long.....sometimes, at night, I feel utter pain.....I sometimes think I see you, but i know I‘m just imagining it..... when I first started imagining you, I tried to hug you...but you disappeared.....I want to hug you again, big brother....I want to see you, and hear your voice.....but I not ganna be able to.....I have a feeling, that you’re very far away....and that i might not see you again.....I hope thats not true.....big brother....I’m so very tired.......I want to sleep in your arms like the old times.....big brother.....I don’t want to be alone anymore...

So anyways I was in an alley when the winning guy walked by. I mugged him and took the money I needed but now I had to find the airport.....once I got there I got a flight... unfortunately the flight was several hours away so I had to wait.....once the time had came I nearly missed the flight but I made it up the ramp and onto the plane... several hours later I landed...

Big brother.....I finally got sleep...but I had a nightmare.....I cried for you..but you weren’t there....I don’t want to sleep again...but I keep falling a sleep...I have the same nightmare, over, and over, and over’s torturing me big brother....I see’re asleep and then you wake up....and you say you hate me...and that you wish I was dead...but then you turn into father....after a certain amount of time...I just gave in...your not coming for me....I give up...I’ll accept death....I...waited long enough....father...I hate father so much....he killed mother recently...and...I just...don’t want to wake up anymore...big brother....I miss you..the dreams turned into us playing hide and go’s my turn to seek, but I can’t find you...i’ll keep searching until I do.

Little Sis, When I got home father was there and I asked to see you...he said that you were as good as dead and that you were at the hospital... I ran all the way to the hospital... I was so tired I nearly passed out...but I couldn’t... I had to see let you know that I still loved you and had never stopped thinking about you...I asked what room you were in.. I got it and ran to your room...and you lay limp...I walk over to you and...

I see you in another dream...... this one seems more real than the rest... I hear you say that you love me and haven’t forgotten me..I feel relief... and then I can’t see..... then I open my eyes and

you say.... “I found you” then you go limp in my were dead....I was filled with tears.....tears of rage... of anger... I had to do something.... I got home and father had a gun...I was shot in the chest and knew I was going to die... I remembered what I said...I stumbled towards him and took a knife off the was covered in blood...had he killed mother, too?... and stabbed him... he dropped the gun..... which I picked up and shot him with..... then I called the cops and blacked out... The last thing I said to father was..... “see you in hell......”

When I woke up again I found myself in what would be perfect...... me and big brother were home and I asked him what had happened......he said that we were dead......and that he had killed father......he said that this was heaven and that we could be together......without father......forever

my brother, alex, and my father had got into a fight today. over what? i dont know... all i know is, now brother is missing, my mother tells me never to get father angry... i guess brothers disapearen
ce was because he got father so mad... everytime i try to ask him about it, he gets angry, and mother pulls me away into a room, and i dont get dinner. i hate it hear, big brother....i hate it hear so much, please come back and rescue me......i'll wait for you... (days later) yelling father and mother are fighting about you again big brother, and i try to stop them, but the doornob is too high up, i wish you were here big brother, you would comfort me....if you were here, i wouldn't be so sad, so please hurry up and save me from this place, big brother...
(do u guys likey so far? oh, and +Logan O'Malley called dibs on the bro! sorry if u wanted to be da bro peoplez! :3)
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