St Vidicon of Cathode, protect my loved ones from Murphy and let their projects run smoothly.

St Vidicon of Cathode, protect us from Murphy!

Help us, St Vidicon, you're our only hope! Deliver us from the Ghost in the Machine.

St Vidicon of Cathode, please protect my teammate from the machinations of Murphy!!! Please!!!! For this we pray!!!!!!

St Vidicon, please let this test run be successful! For this we pray.

St Vidicon of Cathode, I beg you, protect us from Murphy's and Finagle's minions. Tight deadlines, long hours, computers near nervous breakdowns, and continual technical glitches are right up your alley, aren't they? HELP!

The Murphy is strong in this one... Help me, St. Vidicon, you're my only hope!

St Vidicon of Cathode, protect me from Murphy!
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