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We are super excited to release TypeApp 1.9.2! More Powerful, Intuitive & Crisp!

8 major concepts & major enhancements in TypeApp that takes mobile email to the next level!

1. People Switch - Tap the toggle switch at the top right corner, so you quickly and seamlessly transition between viewing all of your emails or just emails from people & groups. This is an amazing way to quickly focus on the most important emails in an intuitive and natural way! The avatars on the left can now be set so you can have a truely amazing experience in your mailbox.

2. Group Mail – A new and fresh approach to staying in touch with your colleagues, friends and family.
i. Send Mail to Group - Instead of inserting all the contacts individually which can be tedious, write the group name and you are good to go!
ii. Name & Photo – Assign a Group Name and a Photo for each group of recipients, to easily see in your mailbox who sent you an email. Looks amazing in the main view.

3. Clusters - Makes communicating simpler and more efficient enabling you to reduce clutter by arranging your emails into three types: People, Groups, and Services. In a way, clusters make automatic folders without a need to do so manually:
i. Service Clusters - Access lots of emails from a newsletter or an online service when it suits your needs, and without flooding your inbox.
ii. People & Groups Clusters - Naturally aggregates together your conversation threads to help you remain on topic even months later.
iii. Clusters can be turned on for all emails, only for services or turned off from the main picker at the top.

4. My Profile - Spice up your own Profile Photo for each account by creating your very own images in My Profile.

5. Quick navigation to Dark Mode - Tone down the vibrancy of TypeApp during the day with the night time oriented Dark Mode making evening emailing easier for not just your thoughts, but also your eyes. Now easily accessible from the top picker to switch on and off depending on the lighting conditions outside and inside.

6. Later and Done Filters – Now located in the Tasks menu to create a truly beautiful method of handling your busy schedule.

7. More Material! - A new layout with unique and lively Material Design. You can choose which one suits you best from the customized appearance menu, Flat or Material.

8. Clean and crisp – A lot of UX/UI improvements!

Thanks so much for all the feedbacks and beta testing along the way, we couldn't get here without you!

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I'm having appearance and usability issues with TypeApp. Until recently, it was fine, but now the top navigation of the message list pane is badly cluttered, and I can't even see the "multi select" option, which I use a lot (see screen shot). In addition, on the individual message pane, none of the top bar buttons work. I've configured it for prev/next, delete, and reply all, but clicking them has no effect. Only the button to return to the message list functions.

I'm running Android 8.0.0 on an AT&T LG G6. TypeApp version, build 13446-304

After deleting messages from the bin, integrated application accounts are constantly looking czegoś i nie może opcji kosz zsynchronizować

I'm still having issues with font size with their being no difference between size 18 and 20.

Strange thing I noted: i can't put different sound for notifications of diffirent accounts. When I do that, in 10 minutes (appox.) all notification sounds return back to system default.
Please check.

Favor avaliem integração com OneNote, Trello e Wunderlist. O APP ficaria maravilhoso com essas integrações!!!

TypeApp in desktop ?

Where can I download the latest versions (w/ latest features)?

Thanks for letting me join the community. TypeApp is a very impressive emailing app but does anyone know why I can't send a picture in an email? It rejects me sending the picture because it says it's too large! The picture is only 6.24mb in size. Is there anything in the settings that allow for the sending of larger files?
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