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Thanks for the invite~^^))

"It looks like I'm the new guy here yeah? Well it's nice to meet you then!...I think..." 

Name: The name's Liam~ Liam Kirkland but my friends call me Lucky Charms....don't call me that. 

Age: Um... I'm 17...or at least I believe I am...  (94 actual) 

Gender: I'm a guy, duh. That's such a stupid question~  

Country: I'm 2p!Northern Ireland! The might I say, better , part of Ireland~  

        I like sweets~ a lot actually... Hamish says I probably shouldn't eat so many but who cares? He's not my mum. Um, I also like rainbows! Before you say it, yes, its perfectly manly to like rainbows~ I like drawing and vacations too! 

        Well if you must know I don't really like working much... I don't actually like being told what to do either for that matter. I really don't like my counterpart, he's such a drag. Always complaining and becoming worked up over nothing. Complete waste of space he is. Don't really like his brother Arthur all the time now that I think about it...

        You want me to tell you about myself now? I could've sworn that's what I was doing... Um, I'm the island nation of Northern Ireland! Not to be mistaken with my brother, who is still bitter about our separation might I add... I live with my other brothers now and I guess it's all right. I don't have to do much work anymore and aside from Hamish there's not too many orders given~  

      I have brothers if that's what you mean~ Scotland, Wales, England, and Ireland! There's two more but they're weird and I'm still trying to figure out if we're even really related... I talk to other countries too sometimes but most of them are kinda....intimidating~ Like that Germany fellow...I wonder what his problem is... 

Done~^^ Sorry it's so long, I just felt the need to be long winded...maybe I'm just bored. Oh and sorry the picture is a chibi, I don't really have any regular pictures of him on my laptop at the moment... I don't type in accents, use your imagination )) 
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