ep of 2 good girls 1-21
ep1 Sara has a new school
ep2 caught by Serena
ep3 the baking sale (2 parts)
ep4 Zoe and a band of girls
ep5 Serena's bad hair day
ep6 shower problem (2 parts)
ep7 Sara is lonely
ep8 where are you Amelia
ep9 broken arm problem (2 parts)
ep10 Zoe's new laptop
ep11 vampire Serena
ep12 pillow fight
ep13 movie time
ep14 boys and girls hangout (2 parts)
ep15 Serena's crush
ep16 Sara and Gabby are BFF
ep17 Serena runs away (Easter Special)
ep18 Babe's Secret
ep19 made by Sara
ep20 last day of school (2 parts)
ep21 crystal secret coming soon

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my name is carly judy
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