Does GAT offer Registered Charity discounts?

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+Mark Richardson if you have GAT+ for your education domain GAT Unlock is no extra cost.
Is it possible to do a global file search of the domain AND then view the actual file even if it hasn't been shared with me. When I do a search like this will it also search a trashcan? Will it search naming history? For example, a teacher leaves our school and now some of her important work is no longer accessible to our staff. I was able to find the file by logging into her account with her permission and I think I have found the file. It is not the exact same name but it looks like the list we needed. I got lucky with this one but am wondering how I can better harness use of GAT to help people locate misplaced, renamed, deleted shared files. This happens all the time and I want to be more helpful.

Is there a way using GAT to get password change/reset history?

Question to all education domains that use GAT.
Do any of you use the AS400 accounting system?
We have one district that is looking for help with registering GAT on their AS400 system.

How can I manually do a "run now" in Gat Shield for a saved report?

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GAT Shield now lets you report by geographic region based on a longitude and latitude box of your Chrome users.

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Frustrated with the bulk upload feature. Had to use Gopher to get users and passwords created, still can't get GAT to move students into groups...spent the last 2 days working with support...very disappointed

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To which we add ... Set up GAT+ alarms
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