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Changing access rights on old files to allow a new staff member to access them. This tech tip shows how with GAT.

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In the 'Users' audit GAT now displays 'Forwarding' information on user accounts based on 2 criteria, 1) they have an auto-forwarding address set in their Gmail Settings and/or 2) they have filters created that forward specific emails. 2) is a new audit feature. Removed for the list are addresses for which forwarding was approved, but no forwarding was set. This column now better reflects the true forwarding situation.

Are you being logged out of GAT?
Since our move to Google Cloud Platform, many of our Admins are experiencing the problem of being logged out of GAT or going in circles through the login cycle. This is being caused by an issue with the Google Cloud Platform load balancer. We have reported the issue to Google and they are actively investigating. The problem is not persistent or consistent so please bear with everyone while we try to get it resolved.

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A really great feature has been added to GAT+ email audit. We now measure reply times for all emails. Admins can answer questions like how long it is taking to answer emails sent to sales or support groups, etc.

Looking for a way to print out of GAT Shield a custom chart of a users browsing activity. I can hit the print button, but the result is not very user friendly.

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In the Users Audit, Emails tab, 'Show daily stats', you can now export or schedule reports that include the new metrics of size of emails sent to and received from external.

Say, how about an audit of scheduled GAT reports? ;-)

We have many, and with few columns exposed in the UI the links are "mystery meat" -- I need to click them all to find out some basics about them (such as who receives notice of them).

If those details can't be practically shown in the UI as additional columns (a limit I could understand, since there are numerous fields), a dump of all fields to a sheet would be a good way to expose everything to quick scrutiny. Barring that, some kind of hover on the links that shows all information would be nicer than clicking in, clicking out, clicking in, clicking out.

We didn't buy into you guys to do the hokey pokey. ;-)

Is there a way in GAT Shield to send a daily report of the internal IP addresses for chromebooks only?

If its easier, internal and external IPs would be ok.

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General Audit Tool are planning to develop a FREE standalone tool for G Suite Admins.
This tool will be available in the G Suite marketplace for all Admins, absolutely free.
We would love to hear your feedback on a particular pain point that you experience as a G Suite Admin that you feel we could address with this simple tool.
Examples might include:

‘I would like to see the Drive tree for the Domain’

‘I need to quickly see the Email Stats for all users for the last week’

‘I want to reset the password of a user or a group of users’

You have until Tuesday 28th of February to let us know all your ideas.

The last tool we developed for free is a full audit tool for Chrome. It syncs across your Chrome sessions, gives detailed usage reports and lets you see which other tools have access to your Chrome environment.

Any way for me to monitor (or search) user browsing history using GAT or is Shield the only way to get it done?
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