Hi, submitted 3 new missions about the 3 Cities, hope new standalone niantic will study and validate soon :D

it's easy missions, 6 close portals each.

The potential of new portals there is great.

hi ! I d like to get in touch with local enl ;D nothing spooky

Is this group still active ?

Hi everyone! Just joined the Resistance!

Hello Ingress agents,
I am on vacations here for a few days, but relying on wifi is impossible for a nice game...
Can anyone give me advice on cheap and good pre-paid gsm plan with internet access?
I'd like to get some unique captures/visits before leaving...

Thanks folks :)

Anyone Maltese out there started playing Ingress again? Just discovered it today and it's pretty awesome, but since it's been a while since the last post here, anyone still plays the game?

I need an activation code to join in this cause :)

Are there any portals in Marsaxlokk
Aw xi portals Marsaxlokk

Is there anyone with an extra invitation code? I'm from Zabbar, I really would like to see if there is any stuff around here :D

If anyone has a spare invite I would be extremely grateful
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