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Name: Alex Kruszynski
Alliance: U.S
Fireteam: Fire team leader
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Weapon: M4 with the laser grip flashlight silencer optional and iron sites. Secondary sig Saur p226 and knife.
Class: infantry
Likes: people nerds hockey comics US military superheroes friends having fun.
Dislikes: haters
Personality: fun-loving works well with the team nerd hockey player.
Rank: corporal
Bio: born in Maryland, moved to North Carolina, then to Pennsylvania, mom was a victim of homecide(truth) living in Pennsylvania ever since.
ROTC: currently in high school MCJROTC
Lt. No
Family: stepmom and brother and dad and grandparents on real mothers side
Branch: Marines

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Name:Ghost Recon
Age:(in real life 12 yes am a kid who is a expert on wars and weapons) in RP 20
Bio:The son of Ghost (from MW2) he didn't want to be a Task Force 141 and love America more then his own country so he join 2018 he found out when his dad died and hated Shepherd even though he a American he hated him for killing his father when the new world came glad knowing Ghost comrades he befriend Gaz,Soap,Caption Price,and many more he never stop dreaming about the future and therefore he try to be a good soldier and trying to keep America from it utter doom if the war is lost for the US
Gear:Exo Skeleton,Riot Shield,Grenade and Falshbang

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UACF ( United Asia Coalition Force ) is the backbone of China's military. Lead by Prime minister Jaxal Wu, they use a vapid arsenal of weapons. Mostly MG-38's and Type-25's.
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A squad of 6 Phantoms drop in the remains of Argentina to destroy Russian SAMs and destroy a base

Bravo six: Delta team moving left flank. Alpha form on the southwestern region of the SAM site, over.

Me: Roger, Alpha moving. Mayers, Lopez, split both flanks while I blitz.

Lopez: Copy!

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Russias United Federation is the biggest and most prepared military in the New World. God knows who funds them let alone lead them. They use K-SARG Shotguns and G-536s
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Now down to us, we are the Phantoms. We don't exist. We operate on my carrier, the USS Reed. We use EVERYTHING that exist in the New World.
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is killing Russians damn Russians +Jordan MacTavish 
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