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Name: Supercalifragilisticexpialodocious Boom 0Pattern Princess Sweet Sex Dummycandy


Talent:buttsecks, eating candy, being a princess, bad grammer, being Supercalifragilisticexpialodocious, fashion, being sexually fab

Bio: her mother, Super Dumass, was a unicorn and her dad, Asshole Buttface, was a pegasus. They kicked her out and she lived with Luna and buttsecksed luna. The end!

Guys, anyone wanna be my online gf/bf?

Hey peepz join my new community,.,. For some reeson i can't posy it here

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Name: Lil Miss Rarity
Other names: Rarity, Mommy
Age: 28

Height: 6 feet
Wieght: 239 lbs

CM: three gems
CM Old Meanig: Fashionista

Personality: Sexual at times. She is sick in the kind and Cray cray

Bio: She was once sane, but her cat got touched by these tentacles that when the tentacles are touched, the item is instantly corrupted. Well, she touched them accidenty when getting clawed by her cat, Opelesence. She threw opal, and the Impact killed her. She made a pinkamena doll because she loved pinkiamena, and used Opal's heart in the doll.
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Ok. Before u ask, I am Grinny Cat. I deleted my account ... i wont be on often tho.

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Suggestion for community pic

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Rarity puts on a hood and puts her Pinkamena doll in a bag. She smiles, and heads out the door. Ask to join, plz.

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Heyo uh I'm new to this community..
My names Chica
And I have an oc called Ice Shock :)

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Name: Saphire
Age: 12
Features: two diffrent eyes

Bio: Saphire is a griffin that was rased in cloudsdale she loves art and to fly and runing around she loves nature and dose not have a cutie mark she was alawas a big fan of the bits that sat on her window each and every morning

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My oc Harmony

Name : Harmony
Race: Unicorn
Special Features: She has a splatter on her Cutiemark and has swirls on her left leg
Age: 16
Sexuality: Pan
Cutiemark meaning: She has this power that she can basically control your mind

Bio: She is a breed of pony called Lunar. Lunars can provoke emotion and thoughts. They can do this by manipulating bio electricity. She didn't agree with the Lunar way if life. Her brother was killed because he was a "Shell". Shells cannot use there powers but can see through the mess of bio electricity. She now lives with my other oc that is trying to help her with taking control of her monstrosities
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